Moshi Monsters – Kids Virtual Worlds

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Moshi Monsters - Kids Virtual Worlds

Moshi Monsters - Kids Virtual Worlds

Moshi Monsters is a social gaming online game first launched in April 2008 by Mind Candy, the British Mind Candy media firm Mind Candy. It is targeted at youngsters aged between 7 and 12. The basis of the website is the possibility for the player to adopt and care for the virtual pet. Pets are as adorable and cuddly monsters that are not threatening as toys. Members can also adopt pet monsters, and the site provides games to play as well as a chat room and brand-name merchandise.

Since the site’s launch in 2008 user base has risen to reach 50 million users. The majority of the revenue from the site comes from selling the optional memberships for $5.95 per month. The site also sells licensed products. Members can select larger blocks of membership for six months or a full year at a lower cost. The site is the foundation to play the game. It does not require downloading an application to play the game. The website is only accessible in English.


The new Moshi Monsters members Moshi Monsters choose a virtual pet animal to adopt. They care for them by solving issues. The puzzles enable players to receive rewards, referred to as “rox.” “Rox” is the currency players can use to purchase items for their beast. To ensure proper take care of their beast, they purchase food, clothes, shelter, and household things. The players can trade things they have with other players in exchange for “rox.” The more care they provide their monsters, the greater their ability to allow their monsters to experience the virtual universe that is Monstro City. Members can also discuss their monsters with other members of an online chat room or post messages in forums, and form friendships with other pet owners.

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What’s good?

Moshi Monsters is a subdued website that is geared to girls aged ten and less who are interested in creating friendships and nurturing. The majority of the monsters on the site aren’t threatening. The expressions on their faces are gentle and welcoming. There aren’t any explicit themes for adults in this game or even on the site. There isn’t any violence, smoking, drinking or using drugs, sexual assault, or language that is offensive.

Moshi Monsters offers children the chance to take care of and care for a virtual pet. While the pet isn’t natural, the children will learn the fundamentals of what it is for them to behave responsibly. Children are taught about financial responsibility through the purchase of items to care for their pets. The website can be accessed quickly, menu choices are clearly displayed, and the buttons are easy to use and large. The cost for membership is minimal per month, and children can play without cost, though access to the more advanced levels is not unlimited.

What’s Bad

One of the creatures players can choose to take on appears to be a cross between the mummy and the zombie. It is odd in comparison to other cutesy monsters. Chat and forum pages that allow users to post messages could slightly offend younger members even though the messages are moderated prior to and after posting. If there are any issues, they may send an email to the moderator. Privacy can be a problem for some parents as the site will collect the dates of birth, the gender, the country of birth of the user, as well as an email address for the parents. Cookies are also used by the site to gather additional data.

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Parents might be worried by the sheer volume of merchandise. The marketing strategy aims at customers to browse and buy items from the online store. Most miniature items such as posters and stickers can grow in price and are costly for parents. Members who are older may get tired of the adorable images. Therefore a limited-time membership is suggested for those who aren’t. In addition to the nurturing aspects of the website, its educational value is not that great. This site is mainly an entertainment site and an advertising platform for your company’s associated products.

Online Security

The site does a great job of promoting safety online. There’s a vast and prominently displayed button on the homepage for parents. It shows a certain amount of dedication to safety online since it could have been found in the fine print near the end of the webpage. Moshi Monsters offers a comprehensive safety message to parents. It encourages a discussion with children regarding their online activities. The child’s photo or personal data is not visible online.

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