Latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: 2011 Amazon User Reviews – Christmas Gifts for Guys

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Latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2011 Amazon User Reviews - Christmas Gifts for Guys

Latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2011 Amazon User Reviews - Christmas Gifts for Guys

It is a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 review is a critique of the shooter game for first-person that is expected to be the most popular game on the computer, if not the most popular gift this year following MW2 was its predecessor, which generated more than 1 billion dollars during the first two days of its launch.

With a cost of around $50, This gift will surely delight any fan to bits, no matter if it’s your friend, brother, dad, husband, son, or dad.

Based on a fictional near-future battle in which American forces clash within the Russian Federation around the globe, Its graphics are thought to be highly realistic.

Call of Duty MW3 Features:

A lot of emphases is placed on multi-player gaming.

The argument was made to include an innovative new feature that promotes strategies for combat.

# 2-player co-op option.

• New modes of play.

A rumored gripping single-player campaign that picks up where Modern Warfare 2 left off.

# Game integration in conjunction with Elite online service.

Since this article is geared to how players have viewed MW3 since its launch in November 2011, one of the most effective places to get a comprehensive impression of how the game plays is through reviews by users on

This is partly due to it being the case that just those who purchased the product on Amazon are able to leave reviews about the product. Reviews are independently monitored to ensure that there is no incentive to earn money in a review in the event that someone was to post the link to their site.

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As of 14th November 2011, from 388 Amazon reviews, there were:

117 – 5 Star Reviews

46 – 4 Star Reviews

46 – 3 Star Reviews

59 – 2 Star Reviews

120 – 1 Star Reviews

As you can see, the user reviews are uneven, and this particular game that is sold on Amazon has an average rating of 3 stars out of 5.

What are the main benefits and disadvantages of MW3 as outlined by those who have bought MW3?

Advantages of Call of Duty MW3:

# Spec Ops is significantly upgraded.

# Includes rank.

Many maps.

It’s more similar to “Black Ops,” which is highly rated by gamers.

Theater mode is back.

# “Kill Confirmed” is good.

The killstreaks have been re-enforced by strike package streaks that differ by class, meaning you’ll continue to accumulate points by completing objectively based goals instead of simply killings. But these games are primarily about being killed or killed!

It is possible to remain in a tin-clad building in the event of an air strike and then live to be remembered.

#MW3 is set to play at a much higher speed than the MW2.

“Call of Duty” MW3 disadvantages:

# Guns have seen some serious work to do. There is no way, and you get killed much more quickly as in the MW2.

# No bets match.

# Relying on P2P host networks, which can mean delay as well as “ended games,” is still a problem.

The maps use the same confusing layout and are that is based on the “ruined city” theme “ruined city” theme.

In short, as an Amazon customer from Call of Duty Modern Warfare said: “Like any heavily marketed fighting game, you should enjoy it for what it is. Don’t expect this game to wash your washing for you”.

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