Don’t Wait to Purchase Battlefield 3 for Your Xbox 360

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Don't Wait to Purchase Battlefield 3 for Your Xbox 360

Don't Wait to Purchase Battlefield 3 for Your Xbox 360

Battlefield 3 was my most eagerly anticipated first-person shooter (FPS) game of the year. The previews looked terrific; however, there was a doubt that what was shown seen in these previews was actually the PC version and that it would be reduced to play on consoles. The console players will not be dissatisfied. When you buy Battlefield 3, you get two discs: one for multiplayer and the other that is for single-player.

XBOX Comparison

The Xbox360 provides a “lite” installation and a complete HD installation along with discs. It is highly advised to clear your hard drive prior to the full version, as the graphics are very similar to the PC version. The basic installation has bloated textures that belong to the previous version of Battlefield. It speaks volumes about the graphics in the game that they required to put everything on two DVDs while requiring additional downloads. Comparatively to the PC, when you play them side by side, you can see an improvement; however, when you are with full HD mode and get caught up in the action, which makes it difficult to see. PlayStation 3 graphics are stunning. PlayStation 3 graphics seem to be a bit sharper than the Xbox360. But the sound quality is fantastic with the radio chatter and explosions, as well as the aerial combat scenes, making for a more realistic experience.

Single-Player Action

The single-player game is a bit disappointing. The game gets over quickly, and the plot isn’t exciting. It is possible to suffer low-cost deaths that are disappointing, and you do not have the chance to pilot every vehicle that you can encounter in the game’s trailer. In reality, the only vehicle you can control is the tank for just a brief time. There’s also a cooperative version that builds upon the main storyline, but it’s over fast too. Many players say they are done in one afternoon of play.

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Multiplayer Option

The multiplayer aspect is the reason why the game is saved and makes it worth it to buy Battlefield 3. It allows you to join games with up to 24 people (2 teams consisting of 12 players on each side), which is lower than Battlefield 3’s PC version (in which you can play with 64 players simultaneously); however, that’s normal considering the sheer number of PC gamers around the world. The maps themselves are huge, and players have access to helicopters, fighter jets, assault gunboats as well as tanks, and jeeps. The finer details aren’t only a visual design but enhance the quality of the game. It is possible to blow up the entire map, including barriers and walls, meaning there’s no place safe to camp in. The developers of DICE have made it a necessity to be part of a group essential to be successful in the game, and cooperation and teamwork are rewarded with a huge reward.


There are a few issues on the Battlefield servers that cause slow loading and issues connecting to servers, but it’s still early, and it is anticipated that they will be fixed. If you’re thinking of purchasing Battlefield 3, look no further to get the best multiplayer FPS experience.



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