Pandanda – A Virtual World for Kids

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Pandanda - A Virtual World for Kids

Pandanda - A Virtual World for Kids

Pandanda is a social media game that was first launched in 2008. It’s currently live and is targeted towards children the ages of 6 to 14. The site was first trialed in beta mode for free until the program was able to iron out its bugs and programming problems. It’s a cute innocent children’s site featuring cuddly and non-threatening red pandas bears as well as small animals from the forest – similar to the stuffed animals for children or the animated animals from the television show for preschoolers. Users can pick a red panda to use as an avatar and can move through the site, chatting to other avatars.

There are various membership levels. Kids can try the site for free with a trial membership. However, it isn’t a way to limit the time they engage on the internet. Paid memberships start with $5.95 per month and include discounts for a six as well as a 12-month contract. Paid memberships allow players to access all the benefits of the internet. There is also the option of a currency for members to obtain memberships at no cost, called Panda Gold. Members are able to earn the currency by completing survey forms, watching movies, or fulfilling tasks. Panda Gold can also be exchanged for the primary currency on the website, which is known as coins. The website serves as the foundation to play the game. There isn’t any file download to play the game. The website is available in English.


The new members of Pandanda pick an avatar that of a red panda to become their online avatar. They select a place to live for their panda and are able to alter it to match their individual. The primary goal of the game is to allow players to earn coins to fund their pandas’ lives within the world of virtual. They purchase the food items for their characters, clothes, shelter, household, and other items. Coins allow them to access these features and provide opportunities to communicate in a group with fellow players. Members can discuss their pandas and other members in chat rooms and also make friends with other gamers. The mascot of the website is Henry. Henry is the panda bear who is the host and also the persona of Pandanda.

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What’s good?

Pandanda is a relatively innocent site that appeals mostly to girls and boys less than ten years old who want to be friends among other kids. Pandas are designed to appeal to children of all ages and look friendly and non-threatening. The expressions on their faces are gentle and friendly. The company behind the site was successful in creating an innocent and fun environment for children. There aren’t any adult themes on the internet space or the site. There isn’t any violence or smoking, drinking or using drugs, sexual sex, or exact words.

The primary focus of Pandanda that can earn their parents’ respect is their children’s ability to grasp and comprehend financial concepts. Players must be accountable when it comes to their money to take care of their panda. It is possible to view buying goods as a negative, thereby promoting commercialism and spending too much. However, parents can take a proactive approach and help their children understand the value of money as well as how to manage it. It’s a simple virtual world, dull and uninspiring.

What’s Bad

The age range Pandanda is targeting appears to be off-base with the graphic. The style of the characters could be suitable for children who are in post-kindergarten; however, children above the age of 9 are likely to find them to be juvenile. The website is a bit static and has very only a few movements. It would be a massive improvement if animals’ actions were more coordinated. Some users have reported issues with chat rooms that are mildly offensive. The language that is inappropriate can be posted unless identified and removed by moderators.

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In addition to being accountable for the money, there’s no educational value in the virtual world. The typical style and the cookie-cutter approach to the creation of virtual reality could make parents think in regards to what exactly they’re paying for. This business needs to improve the site’s design and not over-reach its target audience.

Online Security

The site does a great job of promoting safety online. Personal information is never displayed on the internet. Two chat options are secure chat (the child clicks on a specific conversation message) and normal moderated chat (the child writes their own message that has been moderated). Parents are able to access the safety information of the company. Pandanda advises parents to keep an eye on their child’s online activity and engage in an open dialogue with them regarding online safety.



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