The New NFL Blitz!

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The New NFL Blitz!

The New NFL Blitz!

Are you ready to take on football? The well-known NFL Blitz game has been improved and is now available. The game that has been released is certainly action packed. High definition version of the game is available for download as downloads to PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. If you have enjoyed previous versions of this game then you’ll be delighted playing the new version. Be ready for some thrilling football fun.

NFL Blitz…New Features!

People who love NFL Blitz will enjoy the new features that this game provides. Each quarter lasts two minutes long, with the clock halting after each game. In reality, the time you play is longer. The most important new feature that’s been added is The Blitz Gauntlet. While playing in Blitz Coliseum Blitz Coliseum, you will be able to fight against every NFL team that is out there. Therefore, go ahead and defeat the Cowboys by playing the 7 on 7 battle. Take in those jaw-dropping music and have joyous celebrations. If you’re looking to compete online in a head-to- match and you are looking for a way to do it, Blitz Battle is the game for you. Compete against other players on the National battle board up into the Blitz Hall of Fame. Yes, NFL Blitz fans the game is still addictive. of the game, just as the previous versions. The only thing that is missing are late hits. The updated version NFL Blitz does not have late hits. However, you compete against the best players, and at each of 31, NFL stadiums. Another option includes Blitz. Blitz store. If you participate online you can get Blitz Bucks. You can utilize Blitz Bucks Blitz Bucks to buy items from the store to personalize you Blitz Elite team, as well as the Blitz Battle Team. Buy banners, logos and other graphics that you can use for your Blitz teams and also 50plus cheats, upgrades as well as power-ups, visual improvements. You can play online and build your Blitz Bucks and design your teams in the way you’d like. Similar to previous version of this game Tim Kitzrow along with Brian Haley will be able to provide you with play-by- game action, with their hilarious commentary.

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Our Take On NFL Blitz!

If you’re a football player, or a football fan and you love to play, then this game is for you. Invite your friends to join you for a game of head-to-head action or play online and play against your players. Whatever you choose, you’ll be pleasantly satisfied with all the excitement this game offers. It’s a must-have game for football enthusiasts everywhere. Like we said it is currently available for download. is available only in a download version for PlayStation Network, or Xbox Live for just $14.99. The game offers a wide range of games with lots of action at one price. This game is sure to be a huge hit for you, as well as your family and friends. What are you waiting to do? Download the latest NFL Blitz, grab the controls and play football!

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