The Tiger Woods Pga Tour 13 – Review

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The Tiger Woods Pga Tour 13 - Review

The Tiger Woods Pga Tour 13 - Review

It is the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is the newest installment of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise. Below is a thorough analysis of this game:

Game Details:

Genre: Sports

Publisher: Electronic arts

developer: EA Tiburon

— ESRB rating E (Everyone)


The Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is a stunning graphics. The company that developed it, EA Tiburon, has produced stunning images of actual life players and the courses they play. They’ve put it all together in a fashion that the game looks like a glam television show.


The game integrates Electronic Art’s standard licensed tunes , and there are an array of amazing sounds when you hit or pound the ball. There are also background noises from the crowd, which attempt to recreate the environment of golf championships. Commentary is also available, with Tiger Woods himself providing his own opinions and the course in Legacy mode.

Game Play

The game features a revolutionary platform dubbed The Total Control Swing System. It is the most refined precise, precise and powerful control method ever incorporated into the golf video game. This technique can not be easy to master.

Like the previous installment of the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 continues to use that left-hand stick. The force of your swing is dependent on the speed of your swing as well as the type of club you select. The on-screen guide is that is in the form of an arc that surrounds your golfer. It will show the best swing arc of your swing. The next step is for you to put in the exact amount of force and precision when you play the shot to replicate this instruction. Additionally, you will get feedback from your in-game caddy, and a tiny guide that is located at the lower right-hand side of the screen will inform that you are performing well. are able to control the analog stick during your shot.

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The proper stick can help you adjust your stance, as well as what amount of rotation you put to the ball. The ability to alter your stance as well as the way you position yourself when you take shots is a important feature. This is due to the fact that it lets you to take shots in difficult bunker positions more efficiently.

Another important feature in the video game features motion control that is fully compatible with Kinetic. In full-on mode it allows you to give commands using your voice to select the right club, or look over on the course in the traditional ‘Man at Littlewoods pose by raising your arm to the eyebrow! Kinetic can also be useful when playing long shots since it can precisely track your swing in the way you’d want.


The newly launched Country Clubs feature makes it possible for you to build your own clubs and tournaments together with your friends as well as other online challengers. Through these tournaments you design, you will be able to be awarded coins for your efforts in them, or by being the top player at your team during the week. You are also able to easily gain access to Quick Matches and other regular tournaments that are currently taking place.


There are a staggering 16 golf courses to choose starting from the beginning, and plenty of actual golf celebrity players. There is also a wealth of items to unlock. These include character, classes, and clothing and more. These can be obtained by winning enough coins at tournaments, online matches that are ranked or by beating certain obstacles for each course.

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The extended career mode lets players to design the perfect player for you and start your an adventure in golf to discover the top and win major tournaments. Also, there is an optional Tiger Legacy challenge mode.

Pros, Cons, and Verdict

There’s plenty of content to choose from and it is enhanced game controls, making your game more precise. The county club is an intriguing feature.

There is a lack of life on the golf courses, and the commentary is often boring. Additional features such as the kinetic support come with unique challenges. The game isn’t like its predecessors, hence an 8/10 rating could be awarded.

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