Spec Ops: The Line-Third-Person Shooter Action With A Locational Twist

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Spec Ops The Line-Third-Person Shooter Action With A Locational Twist

Spec Ops The Line-Third-Person Shooter Action With A Locational Twist

The third-person shooter model isn’t new however Spec Ops: The Line highlights that there’s some promise in the well-known gaming style. Although there’s nothing in the game that is likely to astonish long-time gamers, the positioning for the game in the Dubai city setting in the midst of an ongoing sandstorm is certainly something new.

First ambush

The game starts about six months following the time that first sandstorm was afoot, and your goal is to guide a group of three soldiers to the city in search of the other soldiers who were left behind by the chaos. Things suddenly take a direction when the city’s multitude of inhabitants mistake your squad for criminals and plot an ambush. From that point the battle gets intense and you’ll have to navigate the storm as well as obstacles to try to rescue other soldierswho might or may not be alive!

From the very beginning of the game, Spec Ops: The Line offers a familiar experience. Players can dodge, earn more health points and instruct the soldiers to shoot at the enemies of their choice. The button layout too is similar to the controls used in different shooting games.

The unique desert setting

What truly distinguishes the Spec Ops: The Line above of the shooters on this list is the exclusivity of the environment. The ambush starts on a roadway that is littered broken vehicles and dead bodies as well as sand dunes, and the scorching sun above creating a strikingly vibrant look that stands against the dark and grim settings of most shooters. Sometimes, players will be required to shoot from the top of tall buildings This adds an intriguing and original twist to the traditional shootout game. If the sandstorm begins getting worse it becomes more difficult, and visibility significantly diminished due to the rising cloud of sand.

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However, the gameplay in other settings is fairly commonplace, and there’s not much that distinguishes Spec Ops: The Line from other shooters if you’re not fighting the skyscraper or in the middle of an dust storm. When you play in these modes, Spec Ops: The Line is pretty similar to any other shooter however it has sufficient options to make it among the top gamers.

Life-like life gaming action

It is a good thing that there are couple of other aspects which give the game a distinct feeling. One of the most interesting aspects can be found in the levels wherein you’ll have the option of using normal weapons and one which will wreak havoc on your adversaries. The latter option will reveal to you the results of your choice as well as the your subsequent actions, which gives the game an authentic feeling. In this part of the game, you’ll need weigh the benefits of having a quick conclusion to the fight against the costs of life. This is a lot for a shooter. However, it’s little touches like those which are what make Spec Ops: The Line stand out from the crowd.

Another aspect that enhances the authenticity is the fact that players begin with the same power and ability as other players. Even new players have the opportunity to score some kills instead of losing their lives before they can gain weapons.

The Spec Ops Line is a well-known but fun variation on the popular shoot’em up. With all the extra features and the striking set-up the game should appeal for both new and experienced gamers alike.

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