Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review

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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Review

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Review

The Close Quarters DLC having just been released in June 2012 The Battlefield players are already looking forward to the arrival of the second DLC in the Battlefield franchise. It is scheduled to release at the end of 2012 Armored Kill offers all the action and excitement similar to its earlier games, and the inclusion of plenty of motorized chaos to satisfy the tough-minded warrior. Although Close Quarters was firmly focused on intense inside action (hence the title) and visually disorienting gameplay, Armored Kill brings the action on the road, with a degree of vehicular action that was previously unheard of within the gaming world. In addition, it is believed to be the biggest map of the Battlefield 3 franchise, and AK is set to be an impactful game changer.

Battlefield 3: The basic Battlefield 3 game

In the basic game in Battlefield 3, players take the part of the elite Marines. Once you’ve landed the game, it moves in a rapid pace, and never a pause at hand. When you travel through areas like New York, Paris, and Tehran You will only get some moments of calm before the surroundings explode into violent battle. Numerous bullets fly by walls that break into pieces and you’ll get hit multiple times due to the many explosions that will come at you. Sometimes the action can seem too intense to believe However, it all enhances the heart-pounding excitement that is Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 offers a lot more than just the usual action-though there’s definitely plenty of it to play. This is a refreshing departure from the classic games like Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 lets players to select different roles and fight in a more diverse and advanced manner as opposed to the standard shoot-em-up. Although you’ll definitely enjoy a lot of fun blasting anything in your path and increasing the kill/death ratio but you’ll definitely not miss out on the action , even if you’re killed often being a tank captain tank technician.

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Armored Kill at a glance

As thrilling in its scope as Battlefield 3 is, the forthcoming DLC Armored Kill should raise the thrill to new heights. If you’ve been dissatisfied by the absence of vehicle action within Close Quarters, Armored Kill will have everything you’re seeking. With a variety of brand fresh tanks, new ATVs and many others military vehicle, Armored Kill also features some of the largest and most difficult maps in game world. Below is a listing of some of the most exciting new features.

* High-intensity, high-intensity warfare vehicles

* Four maps have been added to the map.

* The largest map of the Battlefield series

There are plenty of fresh vehicles as well as artillery mobiles

The ability to unlock five vehicles and utilize them in the game base

• Tank Superiority Mode

Armored Kill is scheduled for launch in September 2012 It will also be released on gamers on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Unprecedented Armored Kill vehicular warfare

It is focused primarily on vehicular combat, Armored Kill adds a very welcome element to the intense gaming action that is Battlefield 3. The inclusion of several new vehicles, such as the brand-new tanks, ATVs and mobile artillery elevates the excitement to new levels and each of these new vehicles is perfectly designed to benefit from the game’s brand-new maps.

In terms of map, Armored Kill includes no less than four maps, an entirely new game mode and a number of unlock opportunities. Although the amount of maps might seem to be a bit sparse, Armored Kill will feature the supposedly largest map of the Battlefield 3 universe. With the size of these new maps it’s not like you’re missing out on every action.

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The incredibleness of the brand new maps is not the only thing that stands out, but the new vehicles certainly make an impression within Armored Kill. Created from the ground from the ground for the unique requirements of the larger, new maps, the automobiles that are featured in Armored Kill are capable of amazing new features and functions previously unobtainable in earlier editions that were part of Battlefield 3. Particularly interesting are the brand new tank destroyers, which pack the firepower and move at a staggering speed. Though they lack armor however, these tanks are equipped to rush deep into the enemy’s areas, providing you with the firepower you need where it’s going to make the most difference, as well as permitting you to take control of specific regions much faster.


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