Classic Games Reviews – Article 1

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Classic Games Reviews - Article 1

Classic Games Reviews - Article 1

My first review from one of the best games of all time: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (Note that this review could contain spoilers). The opening sequence of the classic game follows the first person perspective that follows Link’s (the protagonist in the tale) the fairy Navi. Navi is racing throughout Kokiri Forest to give Link an important message from the town’s leader called the Great Deku Tree (a beautifully designed forest with vibrant and sharp details of a game that was released at the time of its release in 1998). Navi finally finds Link’s Tree House Perched onto wooden planks that are attached to an unflat tree top.At the end of this article, I’ll leave with a conclusion that leaves a hint of what Navi is required to say to Link and to anyone who would like to experience the game in their own way.


The game Zelda is not just the first 3D title in the series, but also introduced Z-targeting, which allows you to use projectiles such as the slingshot, bombs, and bow, to use in swordplay. The enemies become increasingly difficult to defeat throughout the game, forcing players to think strategically instead of blind slashing to eliminate your foes. It’s an action adventure and puzzle game and, as many Zelda players know, this game is heavily dependent on players traveling through the Hyrule field (found after the completion of the initial temple of this game) and exploring temples, with clever puzzles designed that will make you go to impossible levels of problem solving to solve these challenges. Each temple has items that are discovered and can be utilized to complete temples.

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One of the most difficult aspects of the early 3D games was to make realistic texture, character models, and landscapes. This was one of the very few 3D games from the 1990’s that stand over time without showing signs of ageing. Character models express real emotion scenes like Hyrule Field as well as Kokiri Forest are extremely detailed and the game’s textures display an enormous amount of focus on the finest detail. Zelda (The the princess from Hyrule) is presented with an elegant , pink and blinged dress, which showcases the graphics power of Nintendo 64 (for the period) which for many, this is Zeldas best appearance.


The game is famous for its many famous tunes , including Zeldas Lullaby and the Song of Time. A soundtrack that is this good for video games is hard to find in the world of video games. Ocarina of Time is a fantastic instrument that showcases the unique design of the series in general.


The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of the games that has been praised for its replayability despite the fact that it’s the exact same game. Playing it once more is like playing this game for the very first time. The people and those who have played it. This is one of the game’s many strengths. However, the game may not be suitable for everyone due to the fact of the time since it was first launched (Although it has was reported by both 3DS as well as the Gamecube) and is showing signs of ageing increasing as games become life like.

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A Masterpiece that highlights one of Shigeru Miyamoto’s (Creator of the Zelda series, as well as various other Nintendo series) most popular games that blends incredible gameplay, audio, graphics and replayability, to create the greatest Zelda game ever made. (In my opinion).) Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope that you enjoyed the game.


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