Four Great Nintendo Wii Games You’ll Never Be Able to Play Outside of Japan

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Four Great Nintendo Wii Games You'll Never Be Able to Play Outside of Japan

Four Great Nintendo Wii Games You'll Never Be Able to Play Outside of Japan

Since the Wii was developed by a Japanese company, it is only natural that there will be a handful of games that would be exclusive to those living in the rising sun. This is a massive shame since there are plenty of amazing Wii games that are yet to be translated for Western players, as well as many which, for some reason, aren’t going to be.

Captain Rainbow

In this game, you play an actor with his own television show, an excellent yo-yo, and a belt that transforms him into Captain Rainbow. In a bizarre sequence of events that involves a flimsy floating raft as well as a pink rabbit, you are left without your magic belt or yo-yo on an island known as Mimin. In addition to being the home of many of Nintendo’s most well-known and well-known characters, the island is filled with puzzles, mini-games, and missions you have to be able to complete in order to get your abilities back. I’m not sure how an action like this off the wall will fare in other places around the globe, but I’d want to try it.

Eyeshield 21 Field Saikyou no Senshi Tachi

In 2007 the game was marketed as a peek into how the Japanese perceived American football. It’s typical of Wii games; players must play a bouncing and shaking game through a highly stylized rendition of the well-known American game. I’ve yet to play all the way through sports like British soccer, let, or even American football. However, I would have liked to try this anime-inspired comedy sports game that appears more like a bizarre arcade game, unlike any Western sporting event I’ve ever played.

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Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen

Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen, which literally means Zero: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, was launched in 2009, and although its title may be a bit false, it’s really the fourth most recent installment of the Fatal Frame series of survival games that are horror-themed. It is more well-known to the public in Europe or those in the US in the US as Project Zero; the Fatal Frame series includes many of the most frightening games ever created. They typically contain haunted mansions filled with terrifying demons and wailing ghosts, as well as a camera that acts as your only defense against these creatures. The first versions of the game included the terrifying vibrating controls. I’d love to see if the capabilities of the Wii would have made use of this more, just like the majority of fantastic Wii games before it.

Wii Chess

The last one, in fact, is a cheat; as it was initially a region-exclusive game to Japan, it is now restricted to European as well as Australian markets, however oddly sufficient, not to the US. I’ve added this to the list because I’m baffled about what the reasoning behind a game such as chess that is universal in its appeal would be, at a minimum, for a specific amount of time, not suitable to be played in an international market. It’s as a result of having a chess-based game on a console, such as that of the Nintendo Wii, when I could simply go to my granddad’s place and play it for no cost.

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