Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player and Multiplayer)

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player and Multiplayer)

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Review (Single Player and Multiplayer)

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the most recent release from Treyarch within the Call of Duty Series, is a thrilling single-player story as well as a fantastic multiplayer experience that includes zombies playing cooperatively and also versus game gameplay with a variety of customizable options, challenges, and unlockables.


The single-player story is among the most enjoyable Call of Duty campaigns I have ever played. It has various stories and endings, which means that your choices at important events in the game determine the course of the story, and of course, the end. The characters featured provide an excellent narrative through the back story, which spans through the Vietnam war, all the way to today when everything comes to a climax. I didn’t have a difficult time understanding the plot due to the characters, and the cutscenes shown keep you informed with what’s happening. The single-player campaign has several difficulty options and can be played multiple times, particularly for those who want to play through the final endings. Additionally, there is Strike Force Mode, which is a variant of the Strike Force Mode, which is also a canon of the single-player story. It differs from the other campaign. See below for more details.


The gameplay of the single-player campaign is a typical first-person shooter fair. It features an option to change “loadouts” for every mission. It also has an excellent control system and can be modified through the options menu in case the default doesn’t suit you. There is access to grenades and non-lethal grenades such as emp, smoke grenades, and various other kinds. This game also has a range of options of weapons, including high-tech variants and attachments that alter how the gun operates, like improved reload speed, firing rates, damage, and so on. There are also specific weapons like crossbows, ballistic knives, blasters for rockets, combat axes, and many more that provide unique options for combat.

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Strike Force Mode

Strike Force Mode is an operational mode in the single-player campaign that is distinct from the other modes in the game. When you play in Strike Force Mode, you instead command an army of a strike like that of a real-time strategy game. You are managing infantry units and mechs to accomplish specific goals within a specified time frame and limit the number of troops you can use for the mission. The tactical view is where real-time strategy mode is used and allows players to move troops and mechs around, and observing what emplacements and enemies are in the vicinity, and also your mission’s instructions. I discovered Strike Force Mode to be an exciting and distinctive game mode, particularly for games like Call of Duty.

Multiplayer (versus and Co-op)

Multiplayer mode for Black Ops 2 offers you the cooperative mode, also known as their zombies’ mode, as well as the well-known against mode. Both were enjoyable, despite some flaws.

Zombies Mode

Zombies mode is a cooperative game that features the horde like a wave-by-wave scenario, with a transport system to travel to the four maps that are currently available. You must survive wave-by-wave by using the parts you find to make unique pieces that can allow you to open doors locked and also turn on devices. Machines that vend will grant you power boosts that will provide you with a massive boost in the event that zombies appear in more significant quantities and with more powerful variations. Earn points for killing zombies, blocking doors and windows, or helping other people. These points can be used to purchase additional weapons, powerups, and upgrades. There are plenty of them to pick and discover. The bus, which is scheduled to arrive every now and then, allows you to exit your current location and go toward the next one and defend yourself against zombies who are trying to enter the moving bus. I discovered Zombies game mode extraordinarily challenging and enjoyable, as well as an excellent choice for those looking for a fun and multiplayer experience.

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Versus Mode

Versus Mode is a mode with various game types that you can choose from, including Team Deathmatch, Demolition, capture the flag, as well as other different options. While you play and fight opponents on the field, you’ll get XP from kills, objective completes, assistance, and support like UAVs, as an example. If you get kills using weapons, you can unlock attachments, decals, and decals. Decals can make the weapon look different than its original appearance; using various colors and different camos and attachments allow the weapon to behave differently or better, depending on your preferences. As you progress, you’ll gain an array of weapons other items in addition to “Unlock tokens.” Unlock tokens can be used to unlock items you’ve got access to at your current level, in addition to scorestreaks. Scorestreaks are special assistance given to players who have the amount required for summoning them, including UAVs, Stealth Choppers, A-10 Warthogs, as well as other assistance. You can choose three or more, and the most effective ones require more points; however, they are is worth the effort.

You can access your own emblems, too, and can be unlocked by completing the various challenges that are offered for each, which has led to intriguing and well-designed emblem designs from members of the Call of Duty community. In addition, you can use calling cards, which can be unlockable by completing different challenges, of which there are many to find and unlock.

The versus is not without its problems with lag in certain instances depending on the host that the user has chosen is, and could be extremely good or poor depending. The maps that are available at the time of launch have narrow corridors or large open areas, which can lead to various strategies and configurations for each. There will be more maps to come out in the near future.

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All in all

In the end, I discovered both the multiplayer and single-player modes to be fun and entertaining, and enjoyable in their unique way. Even with the issues with lag as well as a few other issues when playing multiplayer, I found it to be a satisfying experience and enjoyable to play; in addition, the Strike Force mode offers a distinct twist on this game in the Call of Duty series with its real-time strategic features. A must to First Person shooter fans and gamers who enjoy competitive multiplayer.

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