Stormfall: Age of War Facebook Game Review

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Stormfall Age of War Facebook Game Review

Stormfall Age of War Facebook Game Review

Stormfall: Age of War is a war game that you can play competitively on Facebook where you build your castle, fight other Lords, take their resources, besiege them in battle, attack and defend outposts, and more! The game begins with a good and lengthy tutorial that teaches players the fundamentals of the game, as well as the various nuances that are part of. The tutorial quests include an excellent voice actor as well as an explanation of text that immerses players in the history of the game, and providing the player more details on the tasks you need to do. I found the tutorials within the game to be extremely useful, particularly for new players of Plarium’s battle war games, like Total Domination and others.


There’s a lot to be done during this adventure, including raids to sieges construction of units, upgrading buildings, learning about the latest technologies, and more! In the beginning, you’ll be building your main resource structures that include iron, gold, and food. All of them are essential in their own ways. Iron is primarily used in building offensive units, and gold is used for defensive units, and food is included for every building and unit which is located in your castle. Additionally, you will utilize all three resources for the building your structures and upgrades to them in addition to improving and learning about new technology and units.

New Technologies will grant you access to higher-tech buildings, more trained units, as well as newer models. Every day, you’ll receive an random scroll that can be used to find the latest technologies, provided you have the required scrolls. If not have enough, you may trade the scrolls with other players through the marketplace. Once you’ve unlocked a unit’s technology, you can use resources to upgrade them to level 20 with every upgraded level increasing stats by 2percent.

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Skull Runes are a common item that is obtained via level-ups as well as other methods. They are available through level ups and other means. Runes are able to be used to the “Tech Tree” kind of tree, which can allow you to perform things like increasing the speed of their build time or group unlocks, as well as other aspects. You’ll see the necessity of skull runes on the following trees, which will go further down that tree, giving you more flexibility and differentiating of other Lords, according to their specific strategies.

They come in two primary varieties, defensive and offensive and five sub-categories (Infantry, Calvary, Occult Beastiary as well as Mountain Dwarves). Each subcategory is distinct in its own unique way while defensive ones are more effective at overcoming specific kinds of. For example, a Dwarf is a defense unit that is well-suited to take on calvary and infantry units, and adds an additional layer of strategy to an online Facebook battle game.

In this game, players are able to join “Leagues” that are players that are united in groups, and create alliances with other players. It is also possible to visit friends and create wraiths. They are unique units made from only friends. You can summon them using the Crypt however only 3 per day, every day. You can also protect your friends using reinforcements, trade and many more which adds the element of strategy as well as co-operation with your friends because it’s a competitive game and you’ll need any of the friends you make!

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Overall, it’s an exciting, competitive war game, especially if you enjoy strategy games or player-versus-player combat. You will love playing this game!



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