Dead Space 3 Spoiler Free Review!

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Dead Space 3 Spoiler Free Review!

Dead Space 3 Spoiler Free Review!

Dead Space 3 Dead Space 3 most recent entry of the Franchise is an entirely different approach to its predecessors. However, it manages to keep the game playing like Dead Space! The creation of workbenches (replacing those in shops), as well as the possibility of customizing the weapons you use, cooperative playing, resource collection, and a variety of new game modes, give many replays.


Dead Space 3’s story takes place just a few minutes after the events of the second game. It also includes the “previously in Dead Space” extra feature to help you if you’ve not played any of the previous games. This feature gives you an easy warm-up; however, I’d rather play the earlier games to be fully immersed in the events leading before the game’s sequence of events. The story doesn’t alter that much between cooperative and single modes. However, John Carver, the second protagonist and the main character in the story, gives more information and additional conversation when played with friends and also “Cooperative Missions” and provides additional details about John Carver’s story.

Game game

The gameplay is where the game truly excels and provides more features than the previous games. The controls and aiming are upgraded, and there’s the ability to dodge and crouch to avoid opponents, and in general, feels more comfortable. The weapons available in the game are an entirely different thing now since you are able to design your own weapons and add a second weapon beneath, which adds a variety of customizing options, and all the weapons of the previous games are available. These weapon parts as you progress through the story, and also by completing optional missions!

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Making these weapons, suits, accessories, as well as other items require materials. They can be found on the battlefield, in boxes and spare parts boxes, as well as by scavenger bots. Scavenger bots are available almost anywhere and can be discovered by advancing the story. When you activate them in a scavenger hunt, they’ll scurry around and gather objects, and after a short time, they’ll return to your nearest crafting bench, and you’ll be able to see a total of the amount you have made. “Ration Seals” are a unique resource that I’ve found making use of scavenger bots and are used for buying resource packs that will provide you with more materials and assembly parts that can only be obtained by this method. They can also be purchased using real money or your preferred currency (Microsoft points, PlayStation wallet, etc.) If you’d like to do this, however, the main thing to note to dispel any doubts about micro-transactions is that they’re free and don’t require you to purchase anything to play the game!

Another thing you can discover and make are microchips. These modify your lower and upper weapons. Microchips modify damage the weapon’s firing speed, reload speed, and clip size they are available in the story as well as optional missions. When you have acquired any component that includes weapon parts and more, you’ll be able to invest your money to make additional parts and then share them with your partner in cooperation in the event that they don’t come with exclusive unlocks like part of MKV or unlocks for progress.

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The other feature new to the game is the optional missions, which divert from the main road and let you explore new areas in the game, typically giving you new weapon parts as well as materials as you go. There are also “Cooperative Only missions” that require a team to discover and open the John Carver Backstory as well. These are fun missions and well worth the time to investigate and find new components as well as chips and more!

There are also artifacts in the game that provide a different story behind the world in Dead Space and are included in the progress unlocks that give you exclusive and new items, including powerful chips and brand new costumes! When you have completed these progress unlocks, you’ll gain access to these objects, and you can also take on the challenge of unlocking them all by playing the more complex and new Game Plus game modes! The New Game Plus offers a regular replay feature, which allows you to keep your items and try more complex challenges If you want or try the new choices, which include the “classic Dead Space mode” as well as the “Hardcore mode” and a “Pure Survival Mode.”

In the end, Dead Space 3 is a fantastic game with an excellent replay value, a lot of collectibles, and cooperative play, and it is a great experience overall. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is a Dead Space fun or survival horror lover all around!



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