Halo 4 Tips – Three Weapons That Will Give You A Victorious Conclusion

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Halo 4 Tips - Three Weapons That Will Give You A Victorious Conclusion

Halo 4 Tips - Three Weapons That Will Give You A Victorious Conclusion

Are you missing Master Chief? For all the Halo players who thought Master Chief was gone forever, Think again as Master Chief is back for the first time in Halo 4! Similar to the previous games, Halo 4 offers exciting features for the avid fans of first-person shooting.

The Master Chief’s return to the game is one of the many new features, but it’s only a tiny fraction of the overall pie of enjoyment. But, with the more intense games comes more complex problems, so beating the real challenge isn’t as simple as you imagine.

There’s good news for you. However, we’ll be talking about the most useful Halo 4 tips that you can apply. Being aware that loading and locking are what the game usually is about, this article will discuss the three best tools to equip to be a top player.

MA5DICWS Assault Rifle

Halo 4 has been created with the intention that any weapon – when combined with a clever strategy allows players to prevail in almost all possible scenarios that will lead to the ultimate victory.

It is, however, not a matter of debate the fact that there are weapons that perform better than others in certain situations which means you must strike the right balance. On that note, the MA5DICWS is the most effective assault rifle to use in mid to short-range combat. This is the ideal rifle for you if you’re an acrobat who may give their range to fire terrible gunshots.

As compared to other assault rifles, this gun is more damaging aspects and, with just a few shots, or even one directly by the head, could knock down a specific target which is a less skilled DMR and BR user.

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The Spartan Laser

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing multiplayer mode of Halo 4 or in a campaign; you’ll find that the Spartan Laser will certainly beat it in terms of satisfying the entire crowd. With the capability of hitting an object as long as an entire mile, this weapon is able to take down any vehicles that are possessed by your enemies without a sweat.

With this weapon, it’d be nearly impossible for competitors to get one step close to you. The only chance this to happen is if the laser needs to be charged for about three minutes. Then, you’ll be on the energy barrage for another. In the end, This is an excellent option for players with long-range.

The Sticky Detonator

Are you familiar with the small gun Master Chief just grabbed within the very first E3 video of Halo 4? Actually, it was a highly sophisticated weapon, called The Sticky Detonator, which is a short to mid-range kind of launcher for grenades.

When you shoot an exploding grenade from it, one-click will trigger the explosion, which causes massive destruction. It is essential to spend time learning the technique; it will take some time before the grenade explodes upon activation. But, the skill of it will definitely make this game a piece of cake, especially if it’s actually an unintentional knuckle-smear at the opponent’s side.

While the challenge is enjoyable and challenging your enemies to surpass the limits of breaking down is more enjoyable. If you follow the three tips for a weapon-based strategy above, you’ll be able to go on an exciting experience within Halo 4 every time you get into it.

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