Destiny Beta: The Aftermath

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Destiny Beta The Aftermath

Destiny Beta The Aftermath

Fans of video games across the globe all participated in the highly successful Destiny beta, and are eagerly waiting for the official launch. This game is coming by the renowned publisher Bungie which was responsible for the creation of the legendary Halo series. Destiny “the game” is a mix of a first-person shooter as well as an online, massively multiplayer roleplaying game. It’s been being developed since 2009 and has been gaining ever-growing attention with each passing day. It was a long beta testing period which finally was shut down on July 27 in 2014, and was deemed to be a huge success. The only thing fans have to do is look forward to the official launch.

What exactly is it?

Bungie is among the most recognizable video game studios currently, and it’s mostly due to their work on the Halo franchise which is considered to be to be one of the most popular FPS series up to now. Destiny is a great ideas from the Halo series, that includes the iconic full-body armor for combat, as well as unique guns from other worlds and the famous face mask Master Chief was known for in Halo. Furthermore it will also include many elements of MMORPGs in addition to characters, a wide world, and a variety of customization in-depth. There are some significant distinctions from other FPS games as well as common MMORPGs like them the end result will be quite distinctive.

The Storyline

In in the Destiny Beta, we saw that the mythology of the game is set in a universe in which humanity is beginning to fade. It’s been a long time since the dawning of the time of exploration in space and the planets they lived in are now closing down as the general order of the universe is eroding. The apocalypse of the civilization is has passed, and the remains from their vast empire has been taken by aliens hostile to humanity. It’s up to the players characters to safeguard the remaining stragglers remain human beings.

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As with many MMORPGs players can choose a race or class that will decide which strengths and weaknesses are. Three classes are available available to pick between: Titan, Hunter, or Warlock. The class that is chosen will influence what their role will be when they are in group settings and they’ll have the ability to select offensive, defensive or roles that are based on buffs as well as other roles. A lot of MMORPGs place players in a permanent world, along with other players on the server however, this game is expected to use a matchmaking mechanism similar to that of the Halo series. Halo series that allows players to join and exit various groups.

Destiny Beta, and also the release date for the full game

It was Destiny beta test ended on the 27th of July not enough positive results. There were more than four million people who played 90 million individual games. After the testing phase is finished the players must wait until the release date which is scheduled to take place on September 9 the 9th of September, 2014. The game will launch for PlayStation 3 and 4, along with Microsoft’s Xbox One and 360.



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