P.T. – The Next Generation of Horror

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P.T. - The Next Generation of Horror

P.T. - The Next Generation of Horror

August was a great month for fans of horror due to the launch of the cult independent horror video game Five Nights at Freddy’s, which is a power-management puzzle game in which animatronic robots entertain players with jump scares when they fail as well as the remakes of the two Metro games, in Metro: Redux Metro: Redux, which aren’t entirely horror-themed but are filled with creepy atmospheres and moments that make you clench.

On the 12th of August, Sony and the fictional company called 7780s studios launched an unofficial demo on the PlayStation Network that would soon be revealed to be a game-playable teaser trailer for The future Silent Hill game, despite the “demo” being played in the first person. In addition to the teaser that you can play, which is one of a kind and also a great marketing tool as well, it also turned out to be among the top and perhaps most frightening horror games I’ve played.


In 2010, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, considered to be one of the most terrifying games of horror ever created, was released and triggered an influx in first-person games in which the player was defenceless and had nothing but flashlights to guide them through the world and avoid being snatched by enemies who will be following you throughout the game.

What made Amnesia such a frightening game for me was the sense of terror that developed within me as I continued playing the game. It stays with me for a while following the game. Although I’ve enjoyed other games with lanterns, none of them really captivated me the way Amnesia did, and that’s not even its sequel until P.T.

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While it’s just an intro, the overall experience is immensely satisfying. Despite its short duration, it’s full of content in this game that you don’t need to be able to access to complete the game. The whole game is played in a few hallways of a house that are linked with doors. One serves as a way to access the other, allowing the player to travel through them in a continuous manner to figure out the game’s puzzles.

Beyond getting to the trailer at the conclusion of the demo, there’s no specific goal at any time. When you’re tackling the game’s puzzles that are a bit cryptic puzzles, you’re never looking for an answer. The only thing you can be sure of is that you’re altering something, but you don’t understand why or how. There’s something to say about this sort of progress, and I believe it can be a significant factor in what makes these kinds of games frightening. It’s basically a matter of having to traverse a space where you’re constantly at risk to be “attacked” as well as being unable to do anything other than walking and gazing. It’s a beautiful method despite the absence of any failure criteria.


The surroundings are stunning and appear very real and also accessible. The house, though filthy and home to a varying number of cockroaches, appears exactly like a place that most of us have visited or have a good idea of. I’m sure that most of us who were children experienced running around in the same space as our rooms, believing to us that some sort of supernatural being is chasing us when we shut off our lights. It’s terrifying to turn around like it is when you watch P.T., especially when the host abruptly stops talking about the news and then starts telling you to “look ahead”.

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Its sound effects are amazing. Another thing that I believe Amnesia was able to nail in the horror department was the sound. And very few horror games of the past have similar sound quality. P.T. offers a variety of music that defines its fantastic ambience and can alter your mood from peaceful to frightened without even asking you to step. The sporadic music can be frightening, especially when it’s coupled with sporadic murmurs and crying. A large portion of the information is communicated through a radio presenter, who, as we’ve mentioned previously, is known to be addressing you in person at times.

P.T. could be a quick game, taking less than an hour to finish, with assistance from the internet. Nevertheless, it’s a crucial game for fans of the horror genre. Nearly every aspect of the game can be flawlessly executed. Both primary and independent developers will need to look no more than this to find plenty of details on the elements that make a first-person horror game genuinely frightening. It’s an absolute masterpiece in the genre.



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