LittleBigPlanet 3: First Impressions

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LittleBigPlanet 3 First Impressions

LittleBigPlanet 3 First Impressions

LittleBigPlanet 3 was released last Tuesday on the PS3 and PS4. It’s definitely one of my top games of the moment, and I’d like to share my feelings about the game as of now.

General Updates:

LittleBigPlanet was a great game when it first debuted in 2008 because it featured three “layers” in the sense of three layers. The sacking could change between these layers and move through the side-scrolling game. It was an excellent option to improve the old method of playing a 2D online game. One of the strengths of LBP is its art-based value by combining textures and designs in the level and sticker props. What they’ve done with this game is add a second layer where your character can move to or utilize other items to slide down in the sense that you’re basically getting two main routes that have 2-3 layers each (or maybe two layers in the second half of this game). I love the way this gives more depth to the already fascinating set of levels.

They’ve also introduced some different intriguing angles to gameplay – whether you’re picking a completely different character to play the level from an aerial perspective or creating an automobile racer and racing a different character. There are a variety of innovative ways to play within the game. It’s simply amazing.

The interface of the game is slightly different in this version too. You still have your “Popit” where your stickers and personalization tools are kept, as well as where your explody-sack thing-tool resides. What they’ve added to the seldom-used triangle and circle buttons are two menus, including a tool-keeper and a quest tracker. In previous games that used tools, you’d typically walk across a platform in order to get the tool and then disappear in the level after you no longer needed it. In LBP3, you have access to every tool at any moment, and this enhances the puzzle-solving component of the game, as well as the convenience of building levels in the future. A lesser platform to consider If I recall the right way, you’ll be limited in which you can use the tool. The quest tracker is reminiscent of the game World of Warcraft in the manner that you can select the quest, and it will show you an arrow towards the left of the screen that will direct you to the location where the next step of the quest is. In any case, both of these menus were an excellent addition to the game, and they seemed to make sense in the place they were.

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The characters:

One thing I liked during the game I played last time was the enjoyment it was playing with the names like Larry Da Vinci or Dr Higginbotham. The game’s new version certainly will not disappoint with its name-based play-on-phrases like Papal Mache, Newton or Marlon Random. Although most children who are playing won’t be able to make the connections, the more experienced group can appreciate the subtleties.

However, we should not forget the three new playable characters in the game: Oddsock Toggle as well as Swoop. I’m only unlocking the first two characters, but they’re great for playing. Oddsock is cute and quick, with his main strength being his ability to climb walls and jump off of them. Toggle is able to “toggle” to a bigger or smaller version of himself, capable of breaking through walls or entering tiny spaces, flying through various layers and becoming an all-around badass. Swoop is an animal, So I’m going to make an assumption that he could fly through levels that aren’t his and be quite ridiculous depending on how they deal with it.

Adventure/Story Mode:

The one thing that I was unhappy about on LBP2’s story modes was lack of. I was able to finish this story mode in a few days of purchasing it, and I left wanting much more. I’m sure that the game is designed for the “create-it-yourself” community, where the community levels are usually more enjoyable than the actual levels in the story mode; however, I like the unlockables and the process of perfecting the game. The reality that there was not very much to return to was a bit disappointing.

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LBP3 isn’t a disappointment. I’ve already played about 6-8 hours of gaming, and I’m already looking forward to revisiting levels to find things I’ve missed, but there are a lot of storylines to follow. The levels are designed a bit differently and have “storybooks” with levels. The main world can take you to different levels within it when you unlock them or discover them. In this world, you will be able to collect reward bubbles.

Another thing I’m looking ahead to is the different “modes” that they’re working on in this game. Based on what I’ve seen (I’ve only played in the story mode so far), They’ve developed an option that encourages players to go through levels using tools for building to continue moving through. If that’s true, I’d say it’s an excellent way to integrate what the second exciting aspect of the game is, which I usually don’t explore since I’m not able to come up with any great ideas for levels. I’ll be sure to let you know if my calculations are entirely off base.

Group Play:

Finding an experience that makes you desire to play with others personally find it difficult. In any of the latest Mario series (Kart, Super Smash, or World), you’ll encounter characters you’ve known for a while and even worlds of foes which have been recreated repeatedly again in order to bring the Princess back (I believe? She’s looking to be saved, right?) LittleBigPlanet is a fantastic method to get others involved, and so much that I’d like to invite my spouse or someone else to join me and join me as I go through each level. The teamwork aspect is fascinating. I’ve noticed that the game is more challenging than the other, with boss fights as well as levels of complexity. This leads to more time spent playing and more exciting replay value. It’s the same for three or four puzzles for players, which bridges something that is more Portal-like within the bounds of reason. The innovative tools that are available in this game make the puzzles challenging to think about rather than a simple one-person jump off a switch and then sitting on an elevated platform.

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New Tools:

As of now, I’ve got 4/5 of the new sack toys in my collection. Thanks to the game’s interface, that makes them accessible as well. I think that the tools used that have been used in this game are amusing (the supinator is sucky and blows! ). However, they’re also clever (the Illuminator is a way to shine a light on something which appears flat and makes it seem alive). I am really impressed that I’m playing, and I can see icons for other devices that I didn’t have back then, and I’m motivated to return to see how I can reach those prizes bubbles. It’s like when you reach double jump in a game, and you can get to all the places you could not prior to the jump. It’s so satisfying.

Can you tell that I’m enjoying the game thus far? Media Molecule has surpassed themselves yet again, and I’m delighted with the length of time that this game has brought thus far.

If you’ve not picked it up, I strongly recommend it do so when you are able to. Don’t wait until after the holiday season, and who is doing this? I’m guessing parents. You can you should pick it up and wrap it again for the one day and pretend that you’ve never heard of it.

What do you think about it? Tell us what you think of the first game by leaving a comment!

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