Dragon Age Inquisition Review

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Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Although, at first, the RPGs were complicated and required lots of effort, today’s RPGs are more enjoyable and enjoyable for gamers. This is because more and more players are looking to play them, and with the abundance of great RPGs available today, you won’t be able to be wrong! Dragon Age Inquisition is the latest entry in the legendary Dragon Age series, but unlike previous instalments, this game lets us explore a vast world of games and follow an incredible storyline that responds to our decisions.


Dragon Age Inquisition places us in the middle of a conflict between the mages against the Templars with no winner in sight. But, at the start of the game, a massive explosion happens, and it creates a rift, which then spawns demons. This alters the direction of the game dramatically. You play as an inquisitor who tries to end the rift and every other smaller one that pops up throughout the world and restore peace to the fantastic realm of Thedas. There are many twists and turns in the game as you progress; however, overall, Dragon Age Inquisition manages to give you a captivating tale that keeps you hooked on the television.


In contrast to Dragon Age 2, Inquisition lets us explore a vast world of games that draws many of the elements from the previous game. However, it also manages to introduce a variety of new content too. The first thing we’ll notice is that there are dragons that are more intricate and tougher to defeat. In fact, they’re so big that you’ll need to take on several parts of your body, each having its unique health bar. Combating a dragon is among the most challenging but most rewarding activities you can accomplish during Dragon Age Inquisition, and it tests your skills as never before.

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However, this isn’t the only thing you can do during Dragon Age Inquisition. The game lets you explore The Hinterlands and many other areas in Thedas, which are packed with challenges. The quests are diverse and let you explore Thedas in a more natural way and improve to enhance the overall experience.

Character creation was found extremely interesting too, and in actuality, you have the option of choosing from four distinct races, each with its downs and ups that you will feel when you play. What is what makes Dragon Age Inquisition really worth it is the battle. While the original game didn’t include the tactical camera, it has now made an appearance, and, as such, you’re offered the chance to use it at any time you want, and you can also disable it as well.

Combat is enjoyable and strategically, particularly when fighting bosses. You need to be able to plan your next move if you wish to win. This is an essential factor since, without planning, it will be impossible to take on enemies who have significant health bars, like dragons, bosses, or bosses, for instance.

If you travel the world, you could create camps in which you can improve your equipment as well as craft new items and other things. Camps can also help you travel more quickly, so by creating camps; you’ll get a better chance to survive the harsh surroundings. Camps are also excellent to create military strikes as well as espionage, commerce or military attacks.

In addition, If you wish to, you can transfer saves from previous games, which will affect the plot. While this isn’t required but it is something that’s desired in this context, especially if you’re an avid player of the series.

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There are eight characters to choose from during the game. Even though you are able to use three at a time, each of them is a fascinating story, and they’re so well-crafted that you’ll be changing between them frequently to learn the details of them as well as the story they tell. It is essential to include different types of characters in your team is vital, since you need their skills to be a complement to your own in order to achieve the most effective outcomes!

Audio and graphics

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the most stunning looking RPGs of the moment. The vast game world is well-presented, and the graphics are stunning. In addition, the character design is impressive, and the animations are excellent. The entire game is seamlessly integrated to create a unique and kind experience. Additionally, we must be aware that you are able to again observe the bloodstains on the clothing of the characters, which is a hallmark in this Dragon Age series.

In terms of sound, it’s hard to talk about aside from being aware that this soundtrack is packed with epic songs that keep you on the edge of your seat. The voice acting is fantastic, with every character performed in a natural and natural manner!


Dragon Age Inquisition manages to blend the top RPG concepts and features into one game, which provides one of the most enjoyable RPG experiences we’ve played over the course of time. With a vast game world, a variety of quests, as well as incredible character customization and companions that you can connect with, Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the games where you could easily spend hundreds of hours and not regret a second of it!

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