Destiny: Setting Without a Plot

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Destiny Setting Without a Plot

Destiny Setting Without a Plot

There are numerous elements that are right or wrong about Destiny. After achieving the maximum level and playing for several weeks, I’m confident to say that I’ve developed an opinion about both. Some argue that Destiny was hindered in its narrative because it was an FPS MMO. But, The Old Republic, with all its microtransactions and annoying repetition, did well in telling stories in spite of being an MMO. Destiny didn’t. Let’s take a look at the reasons why and then look at some of the positive aspects of Destiny.


A Multiplayer-You selects the competitive multiplayer options in the Crucible that is the Guardian’s way to exhaling, as I’d guess. Destiny’s multiplayer, which is as expected, is pretty smooth. The various types of games are well-designed and provide different experiences depending on the player’s preferences. I like the three-on-3 “Skirmish” game mode over 6v6 “Clash”, for instance. I prefer it because it is more strategic, more peaceful and less chaotic. Some players would prefer “Control”, which is where both you and the team are able to control the territory. There are plenty of possibilities on offer, and it is clear that they’ve considered the game.

My main problem is that vehicles aren’t being used frequently enough as they should. There was a “Combined Arms” restricted game type that permitted an increase in the use of ammo as well as vehicles, but it was only available just three weeks in the month of September! I long for the days of the past when you and your buddies loaded up on warthogs to be blasting into the sky by the rocket launcher.

A Multiplayer- select the multiplayer games that are competitive from the Crucible that, is the Guardian’s method of blowing off steam, which I’d guess. Destiny’s multiplayer, which is as expected, is pretty smooth.
Strikes – Strikes – Strikes in Destiny are like the instances in the majority of MMOs. They are fun, typically concluding with a fight against an army of enemies at the end. Then the boss is revealed, then you must take on each boss as well as the hoard of enemies. It’s boring, repetitive and a lot of enjoyable when you have microphones. The music I used to play was the Strike playlist enough to purchase all of my armour items, and I discovered the most fun with my fellow players in a Fireteam. Within these teams, I had the opportunity to interact and bond with each other as we worked to complete a scripted activity. It was such a blast.

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The Strikes are highly restricted. There aren’t many, and you usually use the same strikes you played in the single-player campaign, but with a higher level. This was fun initially; however, as you repeat the same move repeatedly, it gets dull.

I’ve done the exact Martian strike three times in succession because of random luck. The most frustrating aspect was when we’d make it to the end of the line, but the person who quit would then leave, and the other one quit, and I’d be left on my own until I decided to end my involvement. In spite of my white-knuckled fury, I could not beat it. I eventually did. However, for three consecutive games, I was physically hateful of the Cabal towards the end.

Three-Man Team – I remember struggling to defeat the boss on Destiny with my buddy and me. After being pounded by the Cabal once more, We decided to give up. At first, we decided to team with him as we wanted to film games to upload to YouTube. However, we weren’t able to move forward, and bitterness took form in our opinions of the game. This is a problem that comes in a team with three players that once one of the players goes away, you’re down by 33 per cent.

I’ve observed that you depend too heavily on your team members for your Strikes. If someone leaves, they leave two persons to complete an entire task independently in a relationship that is awkwardly formed with a hatred for the one who quit. It is inevitable that the partnership will break down, and you’ll then be on your own to end your journey. This is a big problem, and there must be penalties for abandoning strikes. There is an option to report; however, you must be able to see the information of the player on the screen to be able to notify the player for abandoning the game, and usually, it’s already too late by the time they’ve gone.

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The Story The Story an issue for me because I enjoyed the setting. However, I was disappointed by the absence of a story. The game is excellent, and the creators have said that it was influenced to be inspired by “a flame in the dark”. This idea is evident all through the game, from all the alien races that pose a threat to the fearful dread from the unknown.

The story portions of the game include cutscenes featuring your character and the ghost or the other minor characters.
The players have asked, “Why could we not go to different systems?” Within the setting of the story, it is logical. There is no way to go to another system in case you do not are looking to be devoured by creatures of the dark. The sole source of light that exists in our universe (presumably) can be found in the Traveller who passed away prior to the start of the game. His body remains as an energy supply for Guardians who are determined to beat the dark forces which plague the universe.

A great story, isn’t it? But that’s only the setting. The storyline in the game is almost absent. The main story elements of the game consist of scenes with your player character as well as the ghost or any other characters. They never end, but instead, they are used to advance a plot that abruptly ends by a fight-based ending that only marks the game’s conclusion without completing the story. The main story is concluded by resembling the final scene from Star Wars: A New Hope; however, it is more mysterious and unimportant.

Its genuine expansions are on the way. Therefore a conclusion is too early. But, I was hoping for an outline of a narrative that had there was an opening, body, and conclusion were in place. Instead, we have an undeveloped plot without a setting or a story that was captivating and enticingly intriguing but never came to fruition. What are the intentions of the queen along with her husband? Where is the Vex going, and what is the reason? Are there additional Travelers around? We’re not getting any answers and even fewer people.

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The Raids The Raids – There was just one Raid during which I played: Vault of Glass. It was challenging, and I couldn’t beat it. Finding other people to join in a Fireteam prior to attempting to conquer it was a struggle that was futile. Even if I had an effective team, we’d be defeated, and one person left and, just as with the Strikes, fail to advance with only two.

The equipment found in the Raids is better than what you’d find in a strike. But, it was difficult to locate anything, and you didn’t get immense satisfaction from your efforts that the price didn’t justify the benefits. I’m sure I’ve had a Mote of Light, but beyond that, I haven’t received any quality equipment.

Tell me how Bungie could create matchmaking for all of Crucible as well as Strike game kinds, but not the Raids? I’ve heard that they’re working on this (or have remedied it); however, it should be an option from day one.

I would have liked to see more incredible character growth, the progress of the plot and more characters overall.


To be truthful, I had lots of fun playing Destiny. It was enjoyable, and I was enthralled by the world and setting. A setting that isn’t accompanied by a plot is a depressing and uninteresting thing, and Destiny is a perfect example of that. I’d like to have seen more incredible character growth, the progress of the plot and more characters. You interact with about four or five characters in scenes (if they are cutscenes), and their story is not essential.

I’m not one to give review scores, as I don’t believe that a score can accurately express the entire experience of the game. Let me declare this: if you enjoy the worldbuilding of science fiction, This game does it exceptionally well. If you are a fan of well-constructed storytelling, the game delivers that badly. If you are looking for rapid-paced multiplayer and unique capabilities, Destiny does that well.



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