FIFA 16 – New Features Promise to Make This the Best Version Ever

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FIFA 16 - New Features Promise to Make This the Best Version Ever

FIFA 16 - New Features Promise to Make This the Best Version Ever

FIFA 16 is an upcoming football virtual reality game created in collaboration with EA Canada and published by EA Sports. EA Sports has taken some revolutionary steps to improve the game, and some significant gameplay changes are in place; among them are passing, shooting and defending, as well as goalkeeping. It’s already off to a strong beginning and is likely to be the most enjoyable football game Electronic Arts Inc. has created in the last few years. We’ll take a look at the new features in the coming FIFA 16, specifically what was changed from FIFA 15.

Teams for Women

FIFA will have women’s national teams in the tournament for the very first time in its history. Twelve international women’s teams, comprising Spain, Germany, Sweden, USA, Italy, China, Brazil and England, will be represented as part of FIFA 16. At present, there is no plan to include women’s football clubs from around the world. But it’s an excellent start, and hopefully, we’ll have women’s domestic leagues later in the near future.

Improved tackling

The days are gone when strikers would lay your opponent on the field when his slide tackle fails to get his ball off. It is also an option for the striker to overcome slide tackles and gain possession. It’s not that time to stand up following an attack.


One of the significant flaws in goalkeeping during FIFA 15 was long-distance goals that were scored from a midfield area. For instance, players with high stamina and excellent shot ability can easily score a goal from close to the half-line. EA has solved this issue this year, and new features were included to increase the keeper’s ability to defend against specific circumstances.

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Quick Pass to Anywhere

With quick passes, you will be able to get rid of interceptions at any time in the field. If you press the pass or right bumper once you control the player, they can begin the pass quickly. This will send a quick and precise passing to your target, which blocks the defence from an opportunity to catch the ball as they would by average passes.

Dribbling with no touch

This feature lets you move the ball around without touching it. If we take a look at players like Ronaldo and Messi, they are able to remain in control of their ball, whether standing or dribbling, without touching the ball. FIFA 16 has attempted to replicate this.


Another significant advancement FIFA has made its shooting. This was not an area that was full of bugs and errors; however, EA made a couple of improvements to how players shoot. They’ve added animations that provide a new and exciting experience to the game. For instance, a player can aim the ball at the net instead of shooting it toward the net. For consoles like PS4 or Xbox One, the controller will be vibrating when you score, which gives you more satisfaction when scoring goals.

FIFA 16 minimum system requirements

Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (64-bit)
Hard Disk Space 15 GB
Processor: Intel Core I3-2100K @3.1Ghz
Supported Video Cards: NVIDIA GTX 650, ATI Radeon HD 5770
The input is VoIP headset gamepad Input: Dual Analogue Mouse, Keyboard
DirectX: 11.0
Games that require platforms

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It will be accessible for Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 and PC. It is also expected to enjoy the game via Android, iOS and Windows Phone. However, EA confirmed that the current version of FIFA will not be played to those Nintendo 3DS platforms as well as PlayStation Vita versions.

Release Date

There is a FIFA 16 release date set for the 22nd of September, 2015. This will be in the United States. Avid FIFA gamers from the UK and in other countries must wait until September 25, 2015, to obtain the most recent version.

Do I need to buy FIFA 16?

If you’re a soccer-related video game player, then you need to buy FIFA 16. In addition, it comes with many improvements, which means you will have a blast.

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