Simcity – Will You Build The Ideal City?

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Simcity - Will You Build The Ideal City

Simcity - Will You Build The Ideal City

Begin with a small town (you decide what you want to call it) and transform it into a metropolitan area. You can also take the task of saving the city that is racked with issues. Whatever you choose, taxes, zoning and crime, transportation education, fire control and other essential issues are yours to resolve.

It’s a matter of time, and each decision you make will have an impact on the future. Your personal assistant, Dr Wright, can help to make the right choices. Ask! Unexpected catastrophes can also be a threat to your growing cities, like earthquakes, fires, aeroplane crashes, and even a gigantic Koopa with a keen eye at industrial waste!

Are you able to build the perfect city? Will angry residents leave you with the ghost town?

SimCity was released on The Super Nintendo in 1991; it was among the very first games released just after the first three (Mario World, F-Zero and Pilotwings). There isn’t much to talk about in the plot. It is about you being the to the office of mayor in a deserted land of a different kind (Plus some water), and your aim is to make it the Megalopolis that will have 500,000 people. Does that sound simple? It’s not.

Game Graphics:

The Graphics are a good fit for the game and, as a whole, are above the average. The music is impressive as the gameplay works perfectly with the game’s structure. The game’s elements blend perfectly, making it extremely enjoyable to play.

This game wasn’t an opportunity to showcase the graphics capabilities of the SNES, and it was not intended to be. There were terrific effects, such as the changing seasons every three months, changing the colours of the forest from brown to green to white. The “zones” don’t look like they do in real life, particularly when they are initially constructed.

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Airports and Seaports appear pretty attractive. It’s also relatively simple to determine what’s happening, and that is always a good thing. For instance, if a region requires Power and you can see an electrical lightning bolt flash across and off. Some structures also have animated, such as the Industrial Zones are in particular.

Sound & Effects:

In truth, up until you reach Metropolis (100,000 residents), The music is very annoying, but prior to that, you reach that point; the Disaster theme is sure to be one of the most enjoyable that you can listen to. The music seems to be appropriate for the level of development your city is in. Naturally, when the music gets irritating, it does not do anything to help.

In terms of sound effects, there’s a minimal selection of sound effects, apart from the click of icons and the positioning of zones. Sometimes, you can hear the sound of a train accelerating and a Plane going off (Or going down, just ahead of that awesome disaster music). Apart from that, it’s not much to the audio effects throughout the game.

While it’s true, the game would greatly have benefited from having mice. However, the game was pre-dated by even the SNES mouse by about a few years, so it was not an alternative. However, the game runs well and has plenty to be done even in the context of the sequels to this game, Simcity 2000 and 3000. You can alter the game’s pace cause disasters to your city at any time (Though it isn’t possible to invoke the legendary Nuclear Meltdown… ). You can also consult Doctor. Wright for some advice.

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Of course, to reach your goal, it is essential to listen to your constituents and offer them what they need. The Icon interface lets you access the information at any time you require it. When it comes to creating your city, it’s a breeze. Simply click on the structure you’d like to construct, locate an area for it and then press a button and “BAM” you’ve got your building.


While it’s not exactly an actual story, the concept was entirely original in its day. You’re the city’s mayor that you are required to lead towards Megalopolisdom. Remember that Story was not an essential aspect of video games in the year 1991, and the concept could be any different. Let’s face it; there is no story that keeps players playing the game.

All-Over Challenge:

In all honesty, I’m of the opinion that getting a Megalopolis correctly is the most challenging task in the world of video gaming. The Big Money Code you probably have heard of doesn’t help much. Similar to any game, you must start slow and establish an adequate financial foundation before you are able to build at any kind of reasonable speed (As a result, you will have to spend a lot of your time playing with your Game Speed set too Fast and then sat there waiting). This Big Money code can make this process faster, but it’s this isn’t any simpler, believe me.

Replay Value:

There isn’t much to do once you have won this game. You’ll probably never be able to beat it, at least in terms of the Megalopolis sense. If you are bored, try one of six scenarios in which you’re assigned the city of a troublemaker, which ranges from the common (Traffic or crime) to the more catastrophic (Nuclear meltdown). You are given a certain amount of time between 5 and 10 years to fix the correct decision.

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It’s a lot of work to stick to your budget for this long, considering that you’ll likely lose hundreds of dollars per year, not to mention needing to make improvements to the city. If you can beat the other players, it’s enjoyable to engage in a lot of games; however, after a while, you become bored of the game.

Final Thoughts:

It was the very first Sim game to inspire the rest and remains one of the tops. The realistic graphics, the ”unique soundtrack, superb control and of course the calamities make this an excellent game in your collection if you are an avid player of the Simulation genre.

You’ll be delighted. In the end, it’s just another great game that excels on many levels. Although it’s not a particularly unusual game, such as ”Final fantasy III or ”MegaMan 3”, it’s not one of the most common also. (Though it is fortunate that its cost is affordable.) The sequels could be more extensive; however, the original one is still a hit…

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