Interesting Games to Play in 2018

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Interesting Games to Play in 2018

Interesting Games to Play in 2018

It was in 2005 that Shadow of the Colossus graced the PS2 and was later the one if perhaps not the most excellent PS2 game of all time. Thirteen years on, this classic is back with a new coat of paint for the present generation of gamers.

How does it fare?

For this article, we’ll look at each aspect of the game, including the graphics, gameplay, story and overall experience. To understand the history of what we’re studying, we must take a look at another aspect of the game, which can be described as its Legacy.

In terms of classic video games that have stood the test of time, Very few games can match the appeal of Shadow of the Colossus. I can remember the first time I played the original SOTC game on my PS2 in 2005. I went into it completely unprepared, having no idea of any information about the game. There were no reviews or spoilers at the time. After the initial obstacle of trying to understand the mechanics of climbing, there was a moment of amazement that only a handful of games could give at the time.

Twelve years later after that, the second colossus was released. I was sure that this was a unique masterpiece that had to be enjoyed. It wasn’t the only one to feel this view. Most people who have played this game has a loving memory for it; no matter if they’d completed it only once or mine, it was at least more than a dozen times.

But games have come far since 2005. The variety of genres, as well as the advanced in-game mechanics we’ve seen in the two-generation consoles since PS2, is incredible, which is the reason I’m stunned by how it is that the PS4 edition of this title stands up to the current.

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The story behind SOTC is written in only a couple of sentences. Man is determined to save the beloved Mono. Man is given a chance to accomplish this by killing 16 monsters. Man does it. Then comes the conclusion. There is plenty more to learn from this straightforward story. You will be in love with each persona, from Agro, your beloved horse, to the wanderer, the main character, and all of the 16 stunning colossi. The whole thing brings emotional gut-wrenching every time you take down these beasts. In addition, there is an ending that’s equally heartbreaking as it is stunning.


A large part of the appeal of SOTC is in the ease of play, as well as the fact that it is all conceived within the player’s head. It could have been because of the limitation of PS2 that the game was kept very simple. However, Bluepoint games have taken advantage of that simplicity in conjunction with the PS4’s high-quality graphics that is a plethora of. The game is among the most beautiful games available on the PS4 currently. Everything in the game, from the scenery to the colossal colossus’s towering heights, was redesigned from scratch. The result is fantastic. The focus on the details throughout every corner of the game. These visuals are crucial to your overall impression of the remake.


The primary gameplay of SOTC is riding through the land of the cursed land from one’s back, searching for that next Colossi. It is your responsibility to decide the best way to get there with assistance from your sword, which emits light beams toward the intended target. When you have found the Colossi, it is your responsibility to determine how to defeat them because each one requires different strategies and plans. This keeps the game interesting throughout the game until the very end. The game’s basic concept is the arsenal consisting of two weapons: a sword and bow and an arrow.

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With all the praise that this game is able to earn, There is no doubt that the controls were rough. Even in the PS2 days, we experienced games with more responsive control than SOTC. While we can’t claim that this is fully solved with the new game, There are some noteworthy improvements there. The layout of buttons has been redesigned for today’s gamers. It can also be restored to its default settings if you wish. In addition, there are also collectables to be found in the game and clever Easter eggs that are a reference to Mr Ueda’s previous games.

Although the game itself is able to be completed in less than 10 hours, length is offered through different difficulties and unique rewards. The mirrored model mirrors the screen of the game and feels relatively fresh. In addition, there is a photo mode that lets you create screenshots of your game using a variety of filtering and tool. In all honesty, I spent a lot of time on this, and the final result is simply stunning.

All in all

The first SOTC that came with the PS2 brought gamers’ breaths away. It made it clear that video games were art. It was an original piece of art and didn’t require any remaster. However, this remaster was produced and is a Masterpiece. If the PS4 came out at the time of 2005, this might be Fumito Ueda’s initial concept. We’ll never know; however, as gamers, we should be grateful to the developers for making this happen. The SOTC game on PS4 isn’t just an actual game but also an old-fashioned classic that creates new benchmarks for remakes.

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