Transitioning From Halo Reach to Halo 4, Campaign and Spartan Ops

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Transitioning From Halo Reach to Halo 4, Campaign and Spartan Ops

Transitioning From Halo Reach to Halo 4, Campaign and Spartan Ops

Top 12 Biggest Changes

1. Protheans The Protheans: For about 50% of the campaign, you’ll fight Protheans rather than the covenant. While Promethean sentinels and crawlers are relatively easy to eliminate, however, the Prothean knights are the most challenging difficulty of any Halo 4 infantry. In addition, knights possess more excellent shield capabilities than Elites, but you also don’t have access to the plasma pistol while fighting them, and they need to be killed by direct damage. This means you have to change your game style and your loadout when you fight Protheans.

2. Heads that are bigger The covenants Halo 4 characters Halo 4 have much larger heads than their Halo Reach equivalents. This makes headshots simpler.

3. The covenant’s army has been reduced. No more brutal skirmishers and buggers were facing off for the Covenant in Halo 4. This leaves only elites, grunts, and jackals, making fighting for the covenant much simpler.

4. Prothean weapons: A whole new set of weapons are included in the newly created Prothean infantry. The majority of these weapons have identical UNSC counterparts, which means they won’t significantly alter your gameplay. Instead, they could replace your primary weapons when they are exhausted.

5. Regenerative health: Just like in Halo 3, your health once again regenerates in Halo 4. This means you don’t have to track your health kits, and you’re secure enough to take a little quantity of harm after having lost your shields.

6. Lower energy in the plasma: Almost every plasma weapon that is included in Halo 4 uses much more energy than their Halo Reach equivalents. Plasma pistols are among the guns that are most subject to change. Both single shots and those that are overcharged use a lot more energy. Reduce energy consumption by charging the plasma gun in the smallest amount possible prior to shooting. If you try this, you’ll have to switch to the new plasma gun more frequently when playing Halo 4 than in Halo Reach.

7. Sprint It is no longer an armor feature within Halo 4; you can always sprint using the correct joystick regardless of the armor abilities you possess. This lets you use the other armor capabilities that you have available without limiting your mobility.

8. New Armor Ability: While some skills from Halo Reach have made it to the game, the vast majority of the abilities for armor are brand new. Some of my favorites are Promethean vision and auto sentry.

9. Additional ammo More ammo: There are a lot of ammo containers scattered across Halo 4. Halo 4 campaign, enough to never be short of headshot weapon ammunition. While you might not be able to use your preferred headshot weapon, you’ll always have at the very least one, even if it isn’t used the majority of.

10. More powerful vehicles: Both the Covenant and UNSC vehicles that are featured in Halo 4 are far superior in comparison to the Halo Reach contemporaries. The Wraith is explicitly more dangerous since an elite is continually operating the plasma turret. Its plasma ball is more accurate and robust. In all, you must stun covenant vehicles using an electric pistol that can knock them down or even destroy them.

11. No scoring: There’s no option to enable scoring from the menu for campaigns which means there’s no rational number displayed that appears on your HUD each time you take out your foe. This means you have to be more attentive. This was a big issue for me when I first started playing, and after a day one or two times, I was unable to notice the change. If you are using Promethean vision, this challenge is eliminated because your enemies immediately change color from blue to red.

12. Coverage: I believe that there’s a little less coverage in the majority of Halo 4 than in the Halo 4 game than there is in Halo Reach. It’s not a huge difference; however, I often find myself in situations that have little or no cover more often.


Whatever the circumstance, no matter what the situation, it is essential to carry a headshot weapon within all at all times. This lets you instantly eliminate the majority of players in the game, as well as aiding you to fight people who are watching. But, you’ll need to change your weapon according to the enemy you’re facing; in combat that you must always employ plasma pistols as a secondary weapon to eliminate elites’ shields as well as stun vehicles (just as it was in Halo Reach). This strategy also helps eliminate armor shields from Promethean knights; however, since only the covenant uses plasma pistols, most of the time, you aren’t able to use an assault weapon that can be used against Prometheans. Instead, you’ll have to employ a weapon that can inflict the maximum amount of damage to take out the knights, for example, the incinerator as well as the binary rifle suppressor. If you are able, you may also make use of a SAW, rail gun, or needler.


Grunts Headshots: Headshots are the easiest method to eliminate grunts. In contrast to Halo Reach, there are no grunt ultras anymore, and you are able to kill all grunts in one headshot.

Jackals: If the jackal isn’t hiding from view behind its cover, you can take it down by headshot. If it is not, you can shoot it once in the palm, and it will fall, dropping its shield, and provide you with a simple headshot.

Elites: Charge your pistol with plasma and shoot the weapon at an elite, removing its shields. Switch the weapon to headshot, and end the process by firing the headshot.

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Hunters: In contrast to the other covenants, you’ll need pure destruction to eliminate hunters. Luckily, you’ll be able to use some sort of weapons, such as a rocket launcher or vehicle, in each hunter battle within the game. These weapons let you cause massive damage, so just continue shooting Hunters inside their bodies until they pass away.

Crawlers: Crawlers are more energetic and do more significant damage than grunts; however, you can still end their lives with only a single headshot. Their heads are smaller than those of grunts to make sure you take your aim very at the target with care.’

Watchers: Though watchers are unable to do much damage, They are skilled at summoning crawlers protecting knights using strong light shields, and reviving knights who have died due to their shielding abilities and their ability to kill watchers that are nearby before engaging any knights. Unfortunately, watchers don’t have heads. However, they can be killed with three to five shots with an assault weapon that shoots their head. Make sure you shoot towards the central part of the watcher, as you’ll do more harm.

Knights Prothean knights rank as the most difficult enemy to defeat in Halo 4 because they have massive amounts of shields and health. In addition to their shields being superior to those of the top-class elites, but you also aren’t equipped with the plasma gun when fighting them. In addition, you can only be able to kill them using the headshot when you strike the skull in front of their face equipment. This means that you must hit your head several times in order to force them to remove their face mask before you can kill the headshot. If you don’t have a plasma gun, it is better to choose a dangerous weapon to take out Promethean knights like the incinerator gun rail gun, incinerator cannon, or binary rifle.

Laser Turret The Promethean Laser Turret is a static enemy which fires a weak laser. It needs to charge up the laser every time it fires as the Spartan laser. In all cases, I would suggest swapping the weapon you are using for your secondary weapon to a kind of fully automated rifle that will eliminate the laser turret without having to waste ammunition. The turret’s strength is low, and it able to be destroyed within a matter of minutes or less than a magazine’s worth of ammo.


Ghost: The Ghost has not changed much from Halo Reach and Halo 4. Like before, stay in the shadows until you see the driver approaching you. Then stun and turn off the Ghost using your plasma pistol.

The Wraith from Halo 4 is a far greater threat than Halo Reach. The first is that the plasma turret is controlled by an elite group, and it’s more challenging to take down Wraiths. The plasma shot from the Wraith causes much more collateral damage, which makes it harder to identify. Thirdly, Wraiths are much more powerful and have better speed and precision today; they are able to strike from a distance of a great distance. Fortunately, the plasma turret stops functioning when you kill the Wraith, and you don’t always have to kill the user prior to boarding it. If you do take the Wraith from the front, the elite inside the plasma turret will begin firing at you when the EMP is gone, which means you should take it from behind. Wraith in the back, if not already killed the operator of the turret.

Banshees: Banshees are significantly more aggressive with their plasma turrets that do more damage. In contrast to Halo Reach, they can effectively kill you with the aid of infantry. You can access the Banshee in all zones with banshees from enemies that you can use to take them down.

Mongoose The Mongoose: The Mongoose didn’t change significantly. Most likely, you won’t ever use it during the campaign.

Warthog The Warthog was also not changed significantly during Halo 4. In the campaign, you can choose to use each of the Warthogs: the Gauss Warthog and the Standard Warthog and never use the Rocket Warthog. If you’re playing as a solo player, I wouldn’t recommend using any variant of the warthog since it is the UNSC AI are horrible drivers and gunners.

Scorpion, The new Scorpion, is much more robust in defense against damage than Halo Reach, which makes up for its inability to stay away from dangers. The main cannon of the Scorpion fires less than Halo Reach, but it does just as much damage, but with more collateral.

Mantis Mantis Mantis is a bipedal UNSC Mech that is new in Halo 4. My personal favorite since it lets you retain the same maneuverability that is afoot and also the ability to be able to defend yourself. The Mantis is remarkably resistant to damage and comes outfitted with a rocket launcher, as well as a machinegun turret.

Pelican The Pelican: For only the second time within Halo: For the first time in the Halo franchise (aside from the Easter egg from Halo Reach), You have the ability to fly the Pelican in the course of your campaign. The Pelican is very strong in damage resistance and is outfitted with a massive turret and massive Spartan laser. It is similar to Halo Reach’s Falcon in Halo Reach.

Broad Sword: The Broad Sword is a formidable combatant that is nearly the same as the Saber. It comes with rockets that can fire quickly as well as an assault rifle and is able to operate like a Banshee and Saber, both of Halo Reach.

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Assault rifle: The assault rifle is a reliable, fully automated weapon. It is more destructive than Halo Reach. It is pretty efficient against knights and sentinels.

Battle Rifle: The Battle rifle can be described as a three-shot headshot weapon that bursts and has two-fold scope. It’s not as precise as the DMR; however, the distribution of 3 shots makes it much easier to hit headshots while fighting close.

Since it fires three rounds per burst of fire, it does more damage than other headshot weapons, and therefore is among the top weapons to take down sentinels.

DMR The DMR can be the best and most precise headshot weapon (other than Sniper rifles). It comes with a 3x scope and a low recoil. It is the ideal weapon for spotting opponents from a distance.

Magnum The magnum is a quick-firing, medium-accuracy headshot weapon that has the ability to use a 2x scope. It’s more accurate than Halo Reach.

Rail Gun Rail Gun is an electric charge, single-shot weapon, similar to the Spartan laser. It can eliminate most enemies and take the shields from all Promethean knights. It is an excellent weapon for knights to fight because it allows you to swiftly remove their shields and end them with 1 or 2 headshots. Rail guns’ projectiles are much more potent than high-powered blasts of the plasma pistol, which means you can shoot it from the distance of a greater distance.

Rocket Launcher The rocket launcher shoots slow-moving projectiles which deal massive amounts of damage, with a large blast radius. The rocket launcher no more can be locked to the ground within Halo 4, but it causes more harm. It is still able to lock onto aircraft. However, banshees usually stay clear of it.

SAW The SAW is a powerful LMG ideal to kill Promethean knights. It is fired much more quickly than an assault rifle, and deals more damage per shot, and comes with a huge magazine. The only disadvantage to this SAW is that it’s somewhat inaccurate, and you must aim for as close as you can when using it.

Shotgun A shotgun is a close-range weapon that can cause massive damage when used at point-blank distance. In the game Halo Reach, shotguns were ideal for fighting Hunters; however, now you can always use better weapons when you fight them. So, I’ve found an ineffective application for the shotgun during the game.

Sniper rifle: A sniper rifle is a slow-firing long-range weapon with 5x and 10x scope. It needs 2 to 4 headshots in order to kill different levels of elites, but it’s absolutely ineffective to fight Promethean knights. Sniper rifles are a good choice for capturing elites. A Sniper rifle is very useful in making elites of ground turrets and the wraith Turrets.

Spartan Laser Spartan Laser Spartan laser can be described as a weapon that can be charged up equipped with a 2x scope. It is capable of dealing massive damage and is helpful in the destruction of lesser covenant-related vehicles. But, it is rare to make use of this weapon during the entire campaign.

Sticky Detonator The detonator that sticks to the surface is an upgraded model of the rocket launcher found in Halo Reach. It shoots powerful explosions (the equivalent of damage equal to two fragments), which can be stuck on any kind of surface. After you have fired a sticky trigger, you need to press it again to release the explosive. In the seventh mission, you’ll use this weapon to kill two of the hunter.

Beam Rifle Beam Rifle Beam firearm is the equivalent of the rifle used to snipe. It’s as accurate and is able to deal the same damage, and comes with a 10x and 5x scope. It is much easier to zero-scope adversaries with it than its sniper weapon. It is helpful for snagging elites out of ground turrets and wraith turrets.

Carbine Carbine is the only headshot weapon that is a covenant. It can fire a single shot, comes with a 2x zoom, and it is about as precise as that of the battle rifle. The carbine is able to deal just a fraction of the damage than the DMR. However, it is nearly twice as quickly. The carbine is by far the most significant amount of ammo (72 rounds) and the most prominent magazine (18 shots).

Concussion Rifle: The rifle shoots grenades that are slow in motion which explode upon impact. The weapon isn’t able to do enough damage to Legendary to be effective, but in the hand’s adversaries, it poses hazardous. You can stay clear of firing from the enemy’s rifle by jumping and moving around frequently.

Energy Sword Energy Sword: The energy sword is a weapon for melee, which can instantly kill you or lower-ranking elites. If you don’t have an elite pistol, you can make use of an energy sword instead to kill Elites.

Fuel rod gun Fuel rod guns an explosive rocket launchers that can fire in rapid succession. It has a more prominent magazine and a higher rate of fire than other UNSC rocket launchers; however, it is less damaging per rocket. If you don’t have the plasma gun or a fuel rod gun, you can utilize it as a fuel rod to take out knights and elites (it takes between 1 and 3 shots based on the rank). It is also great against knights and elites. It can also be excellent against hunters.

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Gravity Hammer Gravity Hammer hammer is a weapon of melee like an energy sword. Since there are no monsters within Halo 4, you will never meet enemies using this weapon. There is a chance to make use of a gravity hammer in the final mission. However, I would not recommend using it.

Needler: The Needler is a quick-firing gun that shoots needles with unique features. Once half a magazine full of needles are gathered in an adversary, they explode in a super explosive combine and cause massive damage. In contrast to Halo Reach, the super combine explosion could occur even when the protected enemy (or the player). If you notice that enemies are attacking you with multiple needles, immediately take cover to prevent this. Needlers are extremely useful in combat against Promethean Knights, sentinels, and knights.

Plasma pistol specifically designed for the removal of barriers and stunning vehicles, but it causes little or no damage to the health. It is equipped with a semi-automatic fire that causes a large amount of damage to shields.

But, if you press the trigger to the point of overcharging, you may increase the charge of the plasma gun, which permits the shooting of a ball made of plasma that immediately removes shields and disables vehicles for a short amount of time.

Thus, you should utilize this weapon to eliminate the shield of knights and elites so that you can kill them off with the weapon you use to shoot headshots. If you are able to stun a wraith or covenant ghost and then, you are able to run into it and take it.

Storm rifle The storm rifle is a fully-automatic plasma rifle, which is utilized by a number of the top players. The initial few shots from this rifle can be exact. However, it has an enormous recoil, so the spread can be accelerated as you continue to press the trigger. So, if you do decide to shoot with the rifle for storms, make sure to fire when you shoot targets from some distance. But, I do not recommend shooting with the storm rifle during the campaign.

Binary Rifle Binary Rifle: Binary rifles are the most powerful sniper rifle that you can find. It is powerful enough to end your life with just one body shot, and it is able to kill most Promethean knights in just two headshots. It is an excellent weapon to use in battle with knights, mainly because you are able to eliminate them at a distance. If a Promethean prepares to fire its binary rifle, the red halo will appear on its face. If you notice this, you must immediately get your cover.

Bolt pistol A bolt pistol is a headshot weapon that fires quickly with second shotgun fire. A single push of the trigger will fire the bolt for the headshot. However, the bolts aren’t accurate and slow to travel. So, I recommend making use of other headshot weapons when feasible. If you press the trigger for a while, then you could charge the shotgun blast. The blast does more minor damage than scattershot or shotgun and is challenging to use since you have to recharge it. Thus, this pistol can be an essentially ineffective weapon.

Incinerator Cannon: An Incinerator cannon is a powerful rocket launcher. It does the most damage of all the weapons used in the game. After impact, a missile from the incinerator gun releases a number of smaller rockets which explode a second later, expanding its blast distance. The incinerator cannon is excellent for knights due to the fact that it is able to kill any level of a knight with just one shot. It is important to note that the incinerator has to reload every time. Therefore, it is crucial to hitting the first time. When you’re fighting knights that have incinerator guns, try to engage them from a distance using an accurate weapon or battle with them at a point-blank distance. If you’re close enough, they’ll try to attack you, making use of their incinerator gun.

Light Rifle: A lighter rifle functions as a weapon for headshots that has two different kinds of firing. When firing hips with a lighter rifle, it fires three shots which creates a small spread that makes it much easy to hit headshots. If you zoom in using your 2x-sized scope, it shoots single shots (which still use three ammo) to ensure maximum accuracy. Note that single shots cause more significant damage than three shots that are fired in that burst mode. This is why you must focus on the enemy when fighting sentinels.

It is also known as the scattershot. The shot can be described as the equivalent of a shotgun. It fires more quickly than a shotgun. However, it deals lower damage with each blast. However, one shot fired by an opponent that is 1 meter away will cause death. Thus, you must always take on enemies who are shooting scattershot at a distance. If you employ this weapon, you will not cause enough damage to defeat knights, and so it is not a very effective weapon.

Suppressor: It is an automatic rifle that fires quickly with very low precision. Because of its poor precision, it is necessary to stand up close in order to operate it. Because many knights and crawlers have suppressors, you’ll always have one while fighting Prometheans. This is why you should utilize the suppressor to take out knights if you don’t possess a superior weapon (such as the plasma pistol, SAW as well as a binary rifle).



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