The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion Cheat Codes for Xbox 360

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The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Cheat Codes for Xbox 360

The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Cheat Codes for Xbox 360

top-notch person

This trick calls for getting admission to Arcane college, a Chameleon spell, earrings, a necklace/amulet, any two portions of armour (ideally a helmet and protect; you could use any armour for this, however you could want to enchant them with protecting magic later), 5 Grand Soul gemstones with Grand Souls in them, and 8,000 gold. go to the Chironasium (captivating phase) in Arcane college. go to an enchanting stand and enchant the necklace, rings, and armour with a Chameleon spell the usage of the Grand Soul gemstones. every enchantment gives you 20% Chameleon effect, so all 5 enchantments will make you 100% Chameleon, which is not the simplest invisible but also allows you to assault, scouse borrows, open, and pick out-up without being discovered. you may now steal from a shop without the shopkeepers doing something. Your enemies may also simply stand nonetheless unable to assault, allowing you to go into Sneak mode and attack for 4x to 6x harm, and pickpocket without consequence (besides on guards who can capture you if you fail, but nevertheless can’t attack you if you resist arrest). -From Andre. morgan

duplicate objects

Equip a bow and any set of arrows, then draw your bow again. whilst it’s miles drawn lower back, press B to go to the stock display screen. select the arrows that you are using, then go to the item to be duplicated. Press X to drop the item, then go away from the gadget screen and resume the game. The item which you dropped can be duplicated. you may pick out up all the duplicates and use or promote them. the amount of copies of an object you are making depends on what number of arrows you have equipped. for instance, 10 arrows allow 10 copies. This works with maximum, however not all, items and guns. be aware: Do now not try to duplicate extra than 250 copies of an item or the game may freeze.

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everlasting attraction

Use the subsequent trick for duplication or an everlasting appeal. you may duplicate a drop-in position object, and if that item is equipable with steady impact enchantments you can make them permanent. however, the object once made permanent can not be re-geared up, but each enchanted item is one of a kind. you could use the “duplicate gadgets” trick to make as many as preferred, then sell them. Use the “replica objects” trick with a bow and arrows to copy the items to make them permanent. Equip one of the objects you need to make permanent. There ought to be an unequipped version still in your inventory for this to work. Use the “replica gadgets” trick again; however, drop the unequipped model of the object you have ready and need to make everlasting. The geared up one and the others will drop and you may never be able to equip that item once more, however, if you check your stats the gadgets bonuses may be permanent. you may replica whatever that can be dropped, which includes Grand Soul gems with Grand Souls captured.
This trick handiest works with wearable items. Take any wearable object with a magical attraction that you desire to make everlasting and use the “reproduction gadgets” trick to copy it two times so that you have of that object. pick up the object and equip one. whilst you are sporting that item, reproduction the one you aren’t sporting with the aid of as a minimum 4. notice: The number of arrows used determines how many copies are made. both gadgets will drop on the ground in stacks of two. you may now no longer be sporting that object, however will nevertheless have its consequences. note: these outcomes are everlasting. Do now not try this with any item with an impact you can want to do away with later, consisting of Water strolling, nighttime Eye, etc.

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infinite health

Use the “duplicate objects” trick on a potion of strong health. Repeat the duplication to get the preferred amount of potions. Open the inventory screen and visit the robust potion of fitness. hold Y and short hyperlink it to one of the Analog-stick instructions. whilst you are low on health, just tap the hotkey route to apply a potion. when strolling low on health potions, repeat the duplication method.

Infinite recharge

Use the “replica items” trick on a Soul Gem. choose all of them up. when an item is on the low fee you may recharge it back to complete without wasting money on Soul gemstones or having to hassle with a soul trapping.

infinite gold

visit the Talos Plaza District of Imperial metropolis and find a residence owned by way of a man named Dorian (Dorian’s house) in the southeast segment of the district. smash into his residence and find him. whilst he tells you to go away, kill him. Do not press X to loot him and take all. rather, take every item for my part, finishing with the gold, a good way to no longer run out as soon as it hits 8 portions. just maintain selecting the gold he’s wearing and keep pressing A as usual. try this repeatedly, and the number of gold pieces final will freeze whilst it receives right down to eight gold pieces. it’s going to no longer cross any lower, however will simply preserve supplying you with as a lot of gold as favoured. notice: when you spoil in and he tells you to get out, talk to him. visit “persuade” and bribe him plenty. After that, kill him. he’ll now have extra cash to loot, which makes it less difficult to get quicker.

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