Here Wii Go! Wii Sports Are Great!

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Here Wii Go! Wii Sports Are Great!

Here Wii Go! Wii Sports Are Great!

There are five sports simulations in Wii Sports. They are:

* Tennis

Player character movement is controlled by the computer. The game is controlled by the player performing realistic tennis swings. Multiplayer is supported for up to 4 players, requiring one remote per player.

* Baseball

One player stands at home plate, and the other is the pitcher. Batters grip and swing the controller like a bat, trying to time their swings correctly. When pitching, players can choose different types of pitches, activated by pressing one or more of the Wii Remote’s buttons (A, B, or A+B) or by changing to underarm pitching by pressing the 2 buttons. The pitch types are screwball, curveball, splitter and fastball. If there is only one player, the opposing team is computer controlled. The game lasts 3 innings with the mercy rule ending the game early if one player leads by 5 runs. Multiplayer is supported with each team taking turns batting/ pitching in the same way as playing against the computer. The maximum possible amount of players is two. Two remotes are required for multiplayer.

* Golf

In Golf, the player can choose the appropriate strength with which to swing. The player can adjust the direction of the play as well as which club to use. After each swing, the player moves to the ball’s new location and swings again. The faster the player swings the controller, the further the ball will fly. Swinging the controller too fast will cause the ball to slice or hook, and the player controls the direction with the + pad. Putting requires more delicacy. Nine of the eighteen holes from Golf are included. Multiplayer with up to four people is supported with one (or more) Wii Remote(s).

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* Boxing

This is the only Wii Sports title to use both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk attachment. The player holds the Wii Remote in one hand and the Nunchuk in the other and jabs to punch (quick flicks of the wrist are most effective). Raising both controllers blocks punches from the opponent, and moving the Wii Remote and Nunchuk moves the player’s fists. Moving the controllers from side to side and backward and forward causes the character to lean appropriately. A health meter is displayed next to the boxers. With each successful hit, health is deducted. When all health is depleted the player is knocked down. The player may then rise, with a partially refilled health meter. After being knocked down several times, the player will stay down, and the referee will declare “knockout”. If the player is not hit for some time, or when the player is knocked out by shaking both the remote and the Nunchuk, the health restores. More powerful punches come from counterpunching. Multiplayer with up to two people is supported (but requires two Wii Remotes with Nunchuk attachments).

* Bowling

In Bowling, the player swings the controller backwards and then forward to bowl the ball. The spin can be put on the ball by tilting the controller. Many Easter eggs exist in this game, including the ball bouncing if the player delays his/her release[2], making the ball fall back towards the crowd, and bowling off onto another lane[3]. Multiplayer with up to four people is supported with one (or more) Wii Remote(s).

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After every game, a player is awarded (or penalized) skill points based on how well they played. Once a player has 1000 skill points in a certain sport, they are considered pro level, and often awarded with cosmetic features (a Pro bowler has stars on their bowling ball). Also a Mii newly turned pro will receive a message on the Wii’s message board notifying them. Baseball and Boxing do not reward or subtract points during multiplayer games. Points can be earned in multiplayer tennis matches, on the condition that the two players are on the same team against the computer. Presumably, this is done to curb cheating where a human player could deliberately lose to another human and artificially boost the winner’s skill points.

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