How To Download Games To Your PSP

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How To Download Games To Your PSP

How To Download Games To Your PSP

Are you trying to figure out how to download games for your PSP? You might try searching the Sony PSP website to find the answer. You won’t find any information or other related content about downloading games to your PSP because Sony plans to make UMD games their primary source of gaming. This means that everyone, including you, would have to continue purchasing UMD games at authorized retailers. UMD games will be more affordable, which would not be a problem. It is not possible to afford UMD gaming consoles. It is certain that I won’t be able to afford to buy UMD games for myself.

We need to find a way to satisfy our gaming needs. Don’t get me wrong, I do support downloading pirated games through the internet. Original games are something I support when I can, but I also need to look for alternatives when I cannot afford them.

It wasn’t easy or straightforward when I first set out to search for websites to download new games to PSP. However, I eventually managed to download the game onto my PSP. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Connect your PSP to your personal computer. Continue reading this paragraph if you don’t know how to do it. Or, jump to step#2. Start by connecting your PSP and your computer using the USB cable provided with your first purchase of the PSP console. Change the mode on your PSP console by pressing the “Home” button. Next, scroll left to the “Settings” column and scroll down until you see “USB Connection”. To enter USB mode, press the “X” button. This will connect your PSP to your personal computer.

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Step 2

Your computer will notify you when a removable disk has been detected. It will keep registering it in your “My Computer” windows. You can now open the latest removable drive to transfer your PSP games files into the correct location. Otherwise, the games will not work. PSP>GAME is the correct path (all folder names are in capitals). If the file does not exist, create it manually.

Step 3

After the PSP game files are transferred to your memory stick, you can disconnect the PSP. Scroll to GAME in the main menu of your PSP and select the Memory Stick option. To enter, press the “X” button. The screen will display a list of games on your memory stick. Your PSP may prompt you to correct any errors.

All downloaded games will run on the latest firmware version depending on which version your PSP has. Before downloading any games, you should always verify your PSP firmware version. It is very easy to download games to your PSP. All you need to do is know the version of your PSP firmware before you start downloading them.

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