Ten Must Own Games for Super Nintendo

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Ten Must Own Games for Super Nintendo


Ten Must Own Games for Super Nintendo

Hundreds of games were made available for Super Nintendo over the course of its lifetime. There are so many that it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase for your collection. Here’s a list of the top ten games you must-have for your SNES, and the reasons why you should own them.

10. Donkey Kong Country

Play as Donkey Kong and try to recover all his stolen bananas. This is the same Donkey Kong that stole Mario’s Peach in the arcade Donkey Kong. It is the first SNES game to use pre-rendered 3D graphics. A fun game that offers lots of replay value, as there are many things you can collect at every level.

9. Super Mario Kart

The original kart racing game. To slow down your opponents, you race around the track. You can also shoot objects at them. It’s great for single-player but also works well with multi-player. Multi-player racing against friends or battling is one of the best experiences you can have on a console.

8. Tetris and Dr. Mario are two great puzzle games on one cartridge.

You can play the classic Tetris game with enhanced graphics (color) or use the virus-busting Dr. Mario puzzler. These two puzzles are great for hours of enjoyment and are a must-have for puzzle lovers.

7. Starfox

This was the beginning of the 3D games that we all enjoy today. This was the first game to use 3D models in graphics. Fox McCloud is your character. You control a spaceship and must shoot down enemies and avoid bosses. Fox McCloud is now available as a playable character in the Super Smash Bros games. You can see his beginnings in this game.

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6. Super Punch-Out

This is the sequel to Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out of NES. You’ll find new characters and graphics in this game, as well as appearances from old friends. It’s just fun to play. You will find funny characters and a gradual increase in difficulty. This boxing game will be a lot of fun, especially if it is similar to the original.

5. NBA Jam

“He’s On Fire” This is the line that announcers used to say. Anyone who’s played this game will recall it. Three baskets are enough to set off a firestorm and allow one player to make shots from any direction. This arcade-style game allows you to push and hit other players, and doesn’t adhere to the traditional rules of basketball. Find “Big Head” mode, and other hidden Easter eggs to change the appearance of your players.

4. Zelda Link to the Past

The sequel to Zelda for NES, Link to the Past offers an adventure game through Hyrule that features great puzzles and new weapons as well as incredible gameplay. The link must navigate between dark and light worlds in order to save Princess Zelda. Many people consider LTTP their favorite Zelda title, which is quite a statement considering all the great Zelda games.

3. Super Mario RPG

A rare and hard-to-find game, but well worth the effort. This RPG takes place in the Mushroom kingdom with all Mario characters, including Bowser and Peach. Mario RPG is a parody of Mario games and leads you to the Mario and Luigi RPG and Paper Mario Games. Square developed it, well-known for their RPG Final Fantasy RPG game.

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2. Super Metroid 2

A sequel to the original Metroid. Super Metroid features more weapons and new areas to explore, as well as more bosses. Electronic Gaming Monthly ranked it as the best game ever, with it consistently rated in the top 100 lists. Its amazing level design is often regarded as the pinnacle of game development.

1. Super Mario World

The launch game for Super Nintendo, and the most successful game on the system. Super Mario World takes Super Mario 3’s Mario game ideas and adds more graphics, sound effects, and levels. This game also marks Yoshi’s debut. Super Mario World received a 97% rating on gamerankings.com. This is one of the highest ratings for any game ever.

These games should be in your gaming library. These ten games offer great gaming experiences that everyone will love.

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