What You Can Download For Your PSP

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What You Can Download For Your PSP

What You Can Download For Your PSP

If you own a Sony PlayStation Portable and think it’s only used for games…guess that you’re wrong! After a lot of research and experimentation, we’ve discovered a variety of awesome gadgets and extras that can make your PSP an enlivening mobile living room. Let’s begin with what’s obvious.

Downloadable Games:

For those bored of buying game after game, your Murs (man bags) and wallets are secured. There is a myriad of websites available currently offering unlimited downloads of games with a minimal one-time fee. These sites offer nearly every game that has been launched up to date. The only requirements to enjoy the memberships are Internet connection on a decent personal computer, PSP memory sticks, PSP USB Cable and programs to move the games (included in the majority of membership sites). For a comprehensive guide on how to transfer games from your computer to your PSP, look up the hyperlink at the end of the article.

Movies, TV shows, Music and Movie Videos

PSP Movies are available on the same websites that provide the games. Downloads are accessible in HD or DVD quality, so there’s no loss in the quality of the images. There are numerous software applications that can decrypt your existing DVD collection. However, unless you’re tech-savvy, your best choice is to stick to the membership websites.


It’s not necessary to need to sign up to an entertainment provider to get your PSP transformed into a portable Jukebox (or eight tracks in the 1970s). There are a variety of ways to download the music that you love onto your device. The most well-known methods are: 1.) Transferring already downloaded mp3’s 2.) Ripping a CD to MP3 format and then transferring the music files. There are numerous free programs that will help in getting the music to exactly where you want it, so make certain to do a search on Google.

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Skins, Wallpapers, and Themes Wallpaper,

Skins and themes are excellent ways to tailor your PSP to reflect your personal style. A recent search on Google gave 227,000 results. If you use any search engine, you’ll be able to find lots of interesting content to keep you entertained. If you’re unsure of what we’re talking about, I’ll go over the basics… The background is the picture that you view on your screen when the PSP is on. The images could be your favourite TV Show character or basically any image formatted that is compatible with. The themes are similar to themes that you’d see on the latest model of mobile phone. These themes give you distinct “feels and looks” as you navigate through your PSP. Skins are the outer layer that covers your PSP. Unfortunately, to get skins, you’ll have to purchase them on the internet or at the local game store.

Internet Browsers:

If you didn’t realize, yes… The PSP is able to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots that already exist. Hot spots are locations that offer Wi-Fi and can be accessed for free or an additional fee. There are hotspots available in local cafes, bookstores and airports, among others. If you’re looking to use your preferred browser (such as internet explorer), there are two options to search for the download or sign up to a content service.

Emulators for Nintendo, SNES, Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafx 16, Game Boy Advance & More

The Emulators for Nintendo, SNES, Game Boy Advance and more is my most requested feature. What are emulators, you ask? They are software that gives gamers the chance to play every one of the older platforms games right on your PSP. That’s right, the Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, The Legend of Zelda, as well as Super Mario Brothers… Here we go! Most download membership sites do not only offer emulators but also every game. This alone, to me, is worth the cost of admission.

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Bonus Content Additional Content:

In addition to these, there are several other things you can download. E-Books, Lyrics, Maps, Mods, Patches, Walkthroughs….. I’m sure you’ve figured out that there’s more to PlayStation Portable than just games.



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