Top Nine Xbox 360 Games of 2007

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Top Nine Xbox 360 Games of 2007

Top Nine Xbox 360 Games of 2007

With the benefit of a whole year of games on both PS3 and Wii, the Wii as well as PS3, however, it was the Xbox 360 that ended up having more games on offer. It was a very exciting time for Xbox 360 with many great top-of-the-line titles as well as exclusive games. Like every year, there were disappointments all over. Apart from the assurances for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the list below should surprise you by surprise with a few new games.

9. The Orange Box

There isn’t a console quite like gamers on the Xbox 360. Five games that are a hit for $60, not just five games. This is among the most popular shooters of all time. It’s, and it comes with two additional packs that include a unique multi-player game and a new game of thinking. Personally, I named it “Shooters Delight”.

8. Eternal Sonata

An epic story that is creative and is one of the most effective combat systems ever created for an RPG. RPGs are influenced through their stories, which is why Eternal Sonata has one that is incredibly creative. The real-time combat system makes things fresh instead of the traditional turn-based combat that is common to RPGs that are available on Xbox 360. A truly bizarre experience, Eternal Sonata will continue to delight you from beginning to end.

7. Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

If a new developer is introduced to an established franchise, there are always concerns. Neversoft succeeds and appears to keep the proven formula that was previously developed by Harmonix. A great soundtrack can elevate the game slightly over previous instalments. For all you wannabe guitarists, rock on.

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6. Forza Motorsport 2

A fast-paced racer that gets the right balance and really focuses on cars. Amazing graphics, perfect sound and superb options for customizing. You can’t find a more realistic game for Xbox 360. Xbox 360, Gran Turismo would not have done it right. An amazing lasting attraction for those who are an enthusiast of cars and want an authentic racer, the game for you.

5. Halo 3

The epic story is being continued through Halo 3, the third chapter, which has high expectations for this hugely popular series. A lot of pressure was placed on Halo in the year 2012 to make use of its Xbox 360. Halo 3 builds on everything that has made previous games so successful. It also features new technology and gameplay innovations and also kicks up online play one step further. One of the most comprehensive games on the market, Halo 3 is highly recommended. Just be sure to purchase an Xbox online subscription.

4. Mass Effect

When the legendary developers Bioware (makers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) announce that they will come out with a brand-new RPG, it’s time to add it to your calendar. Bioware has once again proven itself and created another great RPG. Mass Effect is a fantastic RPG featuring cinematic storytelling as well as an ingenious 3rd person shooter’s combat system. It’s like you’re actually playing the part, and your choices can affect the story. In simple terms, Mass Effect is a game that needs to be played.

3. Assassin’s Creed

The same people who brought the legendary Prince of Persia and Tom Clancy’s Splint Cell will bring you a brand new series with an even more intricate action. The most anticipated games in our top 9 Xbox 360 games of 2007 list. It’s a stealth action game that is sure to not disappoint. The storyline may become boring for you, but the action won’t.

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2. Rock Band

You can download Guitar Hero, add in an instrument and microphone, and you’ll have the possibility of becoming rock stars with 2 or 3 of your pals. The idea of playing all day isn’t as if you’re playing with your friends. Rock Band takes music games to a new height; it’s the perfect party game available on Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is a sure game that will please everyone.

1. BioShock

BioShock is the top-rated game in the top nine Xbox 360 games of 2007 list. A first-person shooter that challenges you to think. It’s probably one of the most graphics-based games ever made and with a plot so compelling that it’s almost unheard of in the first-person shooter genre. Irrational achieved near-perfect play in every aspect of this game.

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