An Average Gamer’s Unpaid, Unbiased Review of Rock Band for PS3

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An Average Gamer's Unpaid, Unbiased Review of Rock Band for PS3

An Average Gamer's Unpaid, Unbiased Review of Rock Band for PS3

One thing to note It is possible to find a lot of “expert” reviews by players who are hardcore, and their reviews could be more thorough and detailed than what I’m sharing with you. I’m just an average player who enjoys video games frequently, and this is what I have experienced using Rock bands. If you’re casually gaming and thinking about whether spending some money (around $200) amount is worth it to play this game, you’ll likely appreciate this review.

My friend bought the game Rock Band last night for the PS3, and, honestly, I was hoping he’d have it. I wasn’t around when it took the pieces from the box; however, he did say that there was a lot of a collection. Yes, I’m not sure it’ll be a rocket scientist connecting everything, but the moving up could take longer than we expected.

In terms of the game itself, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. For someone who has always believed that he’s the best air drummer in the world, it was a lot of enjoyment—like many other reviewers, bummed by the lack of variety of songs. A lot of the songs I’ve never had the pleasure of…but you’d expect it is from someone who is a fan of the ’70s and ’80s. When you progress further in the game, you’ll discover more songs. It’s the best reason to get practising and improve your skills playing the game. One of the great features that it comes with is the capability for each player to pick their own level of difficulty. If you have a skilled guitarist, they can change up to “Hard” while the drummer (which is me) is able to continue playing with you and not become dissatisfied with “Easy”, which allows players who have different levels of skill to play.

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The game has a few basic levels you can play with before deciding to play. They could have been designed more effectively; however, the concept was excellent. There are some learning curves to this game. But what do you think if you could be able to perform the way of Eddie Van Halen or the likes of him? Anyone who isn’t rhythmic, as well as with no coordination or patience, are likely to either break an instrument (which most professional musicians do) or become annoyed. After 3-4 hours of playing, it’s an enjoyable game…I had a pretty good time on “Easy”, but the deeper we went into the game, the more complex and complex the drum beats became. I’m sure I’ll improve in this game; however, I’d like to put some time into learning to play better drums, and if you’re not already playing in the same boat, you may become bored or angry.


Both non-skilled and skilled gamers can play.
There’s a bit of a learning curve to get through. If you’re able to find any kind of rhythm, you’ll be playing fairly good on “Easy” within one or two hours. The difficulty level increases proportionally higher as you improve in your game and move further into the game.
The game is a blast when played in co-op mode. Being in a position to observe your friend when he’s not hitting the notes correctly and then say, “Dude, What are you doing?” ?!?!”
The music is amazing (assuming you’re playing the instrument properly). The crowd’s noise and participation enhance the atmosphere.
You can buy more songs using your PS3 online interface…however, the ease of use is not as good as it could be.
At the third time that I been playing Rock Band, I’d moved to the moderate difficulty level for the drums; although it’s somewhat challenging, it’s still enjoyable. I’ve played the game for a long time, and I’m not bored of it yet. I’m sure I’ll take one day, but in the meantime, as long as they keep making music, the game will continue to be playing for quite a while.

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A limited selection of songs, lots of the songs I’ve never heard of…maybe I’m too old or uncool.
People may become bored of playing identical songs again and time.
Single-player games could become boring very quickly.
I’m with the experts. The Kick pedal and drum kits look awesome. However, I’m slightly concerned about their longevity. If you’ve got buddies who are “too involved in the game”, and you don’t want to let them have a hand on one of the instruments. I’ve not yet busted one.
I’m not entirely sure about the vocals part of the game. I was not sure whether the game could accurately detect changes in pitch.

Bottom Line

Was it worth $200?

Yes, I believe it was an interesting experience, but I’ve always been tempted to do more than play with the “air group” with my friends. Rock Band allowed me to play a bit more than just playing a musical instrument out of the air. At the same time, I didn’t get nasty calluses on my hands from playing the guitar for long periods of time.

Jeremy has a decade of experience with brand identity, web design, marketing strategy, advertising creations, direct mail, content editing, custom photography, photo editing/manipulation, and multimedia presentations.

He is the author of “Being a Starving Artist Sucks” (which is referred to as the”guidebook” of success in graphic design 500 pages) as well as “Verbal Judo to Designers”, as well as the Smarter not harder contract package. All of which are easy-to-use and tested resources that are geared toward aiding struggling or new freelancers build a more profitable and fun business in the least amount of time by covering the most difficult areas freelancers face most often such as pricing, negotiations contracts, contracting as well as finding businesses and customer service.

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