Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero III – Game Review

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Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero III - Game Review

Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero III - Game Review

I was given the Nintendo Wii console for Christmas (OK, Okay! I got one for me! ), Guitar Hero III was my first introduction to a game that was based on guitar.

I must say out loud that I am a fan even though my daughter and wife can easily beat me in the game!

Return to the game. One of the cool aspects of Hero is the way it makes use of many of the techniques that a genuine musician would employ. But the most notable characteristic of Guitar Hero is its unique controller.

The Guitar

In a game that is high-octane like that of a hero, it’s an absolute waste to the best of a conventional controller. If you’ve not yet tried it, you’re looking forward to a great experience when you get this Wireless Gibson Les Paul Based guitar controller.

The Gibson features five frets, as well as a strummer that can simulate strings and a whammy bar (so awesome!)

The guitar is smaller than a real guitar; therefore, if you are a player of guitar, you may feel slightly odd until you are comfortable with it. However, it’s worth the effort even if you be tempted to become addicted.

Pull-offs and hammer-ons, as well as upward and downward strumming all, are a breeze with this instrument, and it shouldn’t take long before you’re feeling as if you’re your favourite Rock God (I’m already growing my hair, and the body suite made of lycra is in the works).

If you are playing this with your friends in two-player mode (and I’m sure you will!) Don’t be cheap; get yourself an additional controller.

The Game

The guitar peripheral is awesome, but what is it about what’s in the game? The tracklist is impressive (I could be getting old!). There’s a variety of 70 tracks, including classics such as Anarchy within The UK, Ruby, Paint it Black and Paranoid, to just some.
When you play, you’re presented with a fretboard for your guitar as well as a vertical bar featuring five sections of different colours. When the song is played, the bar slides down the fretboard, and various coloured notes are displayed in the appropriate section.

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When the bar is hit, you press the respective coloured fretboard buttons on your instrument (in the correct order I was sure I did not know) and then strum.

Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, as well as Green represent the five colour fret buttons.

The strumming is performed using a bar long enough to symbolize the strings.

There is also a Whammy bar. This is used to bend notes that must be held. You’ll be able to identify these by the long, coloured lines that run until you have to let go of the note.

Hero has four main play modes;

Quick Play

This allows you to jump right into the action and start playing the songs.


In this manner, you’ll learn to make the most value from the capabilities that the controller for guitar has.


You gradually advance your profession by playing gigs in order to earn money. After this is done, you’ll be able to unlock more songs and purchase new guitars.

This is the major goal on the field. It starts by selecting the performer you want to play. There are many options to choose from that cover all eras of rock. The next step is to select your instrument and then select the difficulty level. There are three levels you can pick from Medium, Easy and Hard.

Easy only uses the three fret buttons. This is great to get familiar with the game and controller; however, you’ll eventually be ready to move on.

The medium level is more fun. It has one fret more while the music is harder. In addition, it permits the player to unlock songs as well as guitars. This means that you will be rewarded for doing well.

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With Multiplayer, you can challenge your friends to a hard rock god-fight.

This game mode is unsatisfactory as it’s basically one person performing one role while the other player is taking over where the previous started and taking on the same role at the same time. It’s fine, but not as fun as it could be.

To see what you’re doing, be sure to keep an eye on your Rock Meter. The colour of the meter tells you what people think about your performance.

O Green – If the meters are green in colour, it indicates that you’re a rock god. The crowd is loving you!

O Yellow – Okay, you’re doing well, and everyone is praising your work, but you could improve.

Oh, Red! you’re rough. There’s a lot of people dispersing, and If you’re not vigilant, they might throw objects at you.

Flashing Red – Do it again or quit!
No matter what the instrument is used in order to be able to play effectively as a professional, it is essential to learn.

Over that, the Rock Meter above it is The Star Meter. By pressing the notes marked with a label, you can increase the power of this instrument. When it is filled at the halfway point, then you’ll be able to make use of Star Power. This puts the crowd on your side and increases your score.

For this to be effective, you move your guitar toward the ceiling and then jerk the guitar upwards like you were actually rocking to the tune.

There’s a tilt sensor inside the device which lets the game detect when you’ve done this and when you’ve achieved it achieved, you’ll be able to use Star Power, and god, it feels amazing!

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The final meter is known as the Score Meter. It is composed of two elements: an indicator that shows your score along with the current multiplier.

As many notes as you can play without errors, the greater your multiplier will be, and so will your score. Ideally, you would like the multiplier as large as you can prior to activating Star Power.

Then, at the end of the tune, in case you made it to the end, it will reveal what you accomplished. This would include:

What’s Your Grade? 1-5 stars. This tells you how you performed, and the rock meter plays an important role in this.

The Score: This will be the final score for the song.

How Your Note Performance Performs – How many notes do you are able to hit without making mistakes.

O Your Notes Hit The percentage of correctly written notes that hit.

Thirty songs are accessible to start playing. However, there is plenty more available in the “Unlock Shop” as you advance throughout the game. The songs were specifically designed for the game, and although they may not be as popular as the classic thirty titles however they’re still good games to play.

The fundamental design and feel of this game are amazing.

Every gig you attend is at a different location, and the characters are impressively animated and presented. The quality is a bit blurry and shaky in certain places, but it doesn’t interfere with the experience.

The music is excellent Cream, Boston and Ozzy, to mention a few.

In short, Guitar Hero is a really entertaining game. It’s great to play at events where you and your friends attempt to outdo one another, and what began as a short game ends up in a marathon that lasts all night that you’re determined to be the Rock God.



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