2008 Is The Year Of The Wii Balance Board

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2008 Is The Year Of The Wii Balance Board

2008 Is The Year Of The Wii Balance Board

If you’re not under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Nintendo’s latest product, Wii Fit. If not, then here’s a quick overview. Wii Fit is the new Lifestyle product available that comes with Wii Console. It is a product that Wii Console that combines the pleasure of gaming and the benefits of exercising. The Wii was revolutionary in its own right in a sense; it lets users play games with motion-sensitive controls wirelessly that were enjoyable and simple to utilize, appealing to gamers as well as non-gamers. Wii Fit takes this concept one step further, with its launch to Wii Balance Board. Wii Balance Board which comes in the package within the game.

Wii Balance Board Wii Balance Board

Its Wii Balance Board looks much like a bathroom scale; however, it includes four sensors for pressure which allow it to precisely determine a person’s weight as well as their location within the frame. The data is wirelessly transmitted into Wii Console. Wii Console, allowing games to understand a different range of motions. This offers an entirely different gaming experience. Wii Fit is the first game that makes use of the Wii Balance Board and features more than forty different workouts and games, including exercise, yoga, aerobic exercise, and balance games.

Wii Fit is an Instant Hit

Wii Fit was launched in Japan in the middle of the month is December 2007. immediately became a hit with sales of nearly 1.8 million copies over the initial four months. The game was released in the UK on April 25, 2008, and was almost immediately on top of the UK charts for gaming. Within a matter of days, it was reported that retailers had sold all of the initial. It was reported that around 200000 units of Wii Fit were sold within the first week. In reality, one high-street chain reported that it was moving 90 copies per minute on the day of launch. Wii Fit is scheduled for launch in Australia on May 8th, 2008, while it will be available in the US on 19th May.

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What’s Next After Wii Fit?

There’s no doubt about the success that has been achieved by Wii Fit even before its US launch, which will, without doubt, be huge, but I believe that it will be that Wii Balance Board that’s going to be the most popular in the year 2008. Wii Fit has elevated Wii from being a mere games console to becoming an actual product for living that doesn’t look odd in the typical home, and that could result in a potential rise in the market for gaming. When the excitement and buzz generated by Wii Fit die down, many Wii Fit owners will begin to consider what else they could use the Wii Balance Boards, and this is when things truly get interesting.

The upcoming Wii Balance Board Games

At the moment (1 May 2008), Wii Fit is the only game that is available on this Wii Balance Board, but that will change in coming months. Namco Bandai has already confirmed the launch of We Ski in the US on May 13, and 2k Sports have Don King’s Prizefighter set for June, and the list of games will expand. In actual fact, Nintendo US COO, Reggie Fils Aime, said that ten games are already being developed.

The games aren’t confirmed. However, there are news reports about Nintendo snowboarding EA Skate, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and even upcoming Mario games. As I mentioned, nothing has been confirmed; however, regardless, Wii Balance Board games are sure to be hugely popular in the year 2008.

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