Video Gaming in Our Lives

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Video Gaming in Our Lives

Video Gaming in Our Lives

Games on video have become an integral part of almost every family’s life, whether they are playing with children or the parents. There are many kinds of games on video, including adult, children’s, violent and adventure, first shooter and online games, among others. …. I could list more, but I think you’ll get the point: you can find video games that suit anyone.

Although the existence of video games prior to Pong, which is a computerized version of ping-pong or, as some refer to it, table tennis is often referred to as the very first video game to hit the market. In all likelihood, Pong was among the very first game to be “red hot” for the very first players. Since its start, the gaming world has increased in size. Gaming on the internet has turned into a highly profitable business for people of all ages. It’s even evolved into a prevalent genre in the world of entertainment. A number of motion movies have been created using themes from video games like the various versions that include Resident Evil and Doom. On the other hand, video games are derived from motion movies like Transformers. Television had also had an involvement in helping the video game industry by providing some of the most popular titles, such as Transformers, which was a cartoon before it was made into a film.

Video Gaming PROS AND CONS

Video gaming is now one of the top-performing sectors, yet as with all success, there are doubts, worries, and even sadness. A lot of people feel the effects it has on society, specifically young people; they are positive and negative effects. Research has shown that when played in moderation, they can have positive impacts on the mental and physical growth of kids. The positive effects of video games are eye and hand coordination as well as mental sharpness educational value, and also a way for shy and introverted children to socialize with others. The downside is getting too involved that one begins to ignore the other world. Another issue is that some people are prone to misinterpret fantasy as reality. Video games are often referred to when an individual(s) diverge from reality and, in extreme situations, they are employed as a way to cover up doing wrong.

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Violence during video gaming has become a significant problem, especially among children. Many have expressed concern that the violence may trigger violence in people both old and young. However, it is known that video games can have the ability to heal, but they also exert a negative effect on the minds of people who are weak.

VIDEO GAMING Rating System

If you’re worried about whether the games your kids are playing are safe, you should look into the ratings. E Rated games are suitably accessible to everyone. They include games like video games for sports, Mario Brothers, SpongeBob Squarepants. Think about age-appropriate games that were created by movies, like Madagascar, to be included in this category.

The games that are rated T are specifically designed for teens. They feature graphics that are more detailed. They may also include violent and sexual images but without graphic violence.

M games are classified as mature. They are for adults only and include more violent sexual content graphic killing. Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example of a video game that is rated M. Other video games that are rated M could include war games in which there’s plenty of blood and gore.

Even with this rating system mentioned above, children continue to play games that are rated as inappropriate for their age. They will always find ways to play these kinds of games than ones that are more appropriate for their age.

Bottom Line

Video games are here to stay whether played on Nintendo’s consoles, WII’s on the PC, or at arcades. Our children will continue to be being exposed to video games; therefore, “parental responsibility” is a crucial phrase that parents use in their vocabulary. For adults, it’s to their own.

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