We Cheer For Wii Cheerleading Games

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We Cheer For Wii Cheerleading Games

We Cheer For Wii Cheerleading Games

A handful of companies are using the latest balance detection technology of Wii Fit Balance Board with the balance detection of Wii Fit Balance Board and motion detection from the Wii remotes to make some of the premier Cheerleading games available on the Wii.

The following are two very first Cheerleading games that were ever developed using Wii. Wii, We Cheer, and All-Star Cheer Squad. Both games are directed at girls of a younger age, which isn’t a common thing in the world of video games. The brand new cheerleading games also make utilization of Wii Fit Balance Board to detect movements and steps, and rely heavily on motion detection features from the Wii remotes for detecting hand moves spinning, kicks, and poses.

We Cheer

The first game for cheerleading to be released is Wii Cheer release date unknown at the moment and developed by Namco. We Cheer an approach that is fun and flexible to this brand new genre. The game appears to it will have a wide range of different choices, so every player will have an experience that is unique to them.

The game features real music that is performed by some of the top pop stars, including teen idols such as Hilary Duff and Aly and AJ to 70s disco groups. We Cheer lets you modify your cheerleader’s outfit, which many people will take hours to complete. There are several modes to play, dependent on your mood. You can choose to lose weight in exercise Mode or battle with others for a Captian position with a partner in two-player Campaign Mode. You can also fight it out with up to four other gamers with Party Mode to find out who is the most effective cheerleader.

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We Cheer Features:

* Hit Songs, dance, and cheer for the hottest music of artists from the present, past, and future.

* Unlimited Character Customization – Make the perfect costume for your competition.

* Engaging modes: Campaign Mode, Exercise Mode Party Mode.

* Really addictive gameplay It is fun to kick, spin, and jump to choreographed routines.

All-Star Cheer Squad

Another game in the Cheerleading genre coming out is All-Star Cheer Squad, which has a release date is October 20th, 2008. The game was developed by THQ. All-Star Cheer Squad pulls out every possible option and adopts more of a “cheerleading experience” method of simulation. The game lets you live an entire year through the life of a cheerleader. Learn new songs, join in the practice sessions and make your own routines to be a part of the team, and then eventually be captain.

The game can also be more severe by the dancers; the choreography is performed by Tony G., who also choreographed the film Bring It On! You can certainly expect your child to work out.

All-Star Cheer Squad Features:

* Make use of Wii Fit Board to balance and perform stunts

* Make use of Wii remote and nunchuck. Wii remote and the nunchuck to perform a variety of dance and cheer moves that are real

* Play in squads and one-on-one cheer-offs

• Customize the look of your team, including facial features, body features, hair, and clothing

* Discover new dance techniques and then choreograph your own routines to tunes

This brings a new generation of exercise games to players with the Wii Fit. Although these games aren’t specifically designed for fitness, they do show the way they could offer exercise.

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There aren’t a lot of “girl games” out there; however, due to the two Cheerleading games being released, I would expect that people will begin to look into the genre, mainly when these games perform well, which I believe they will.


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