5 Old School Playstation 1 Favorites

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5 Old School Playstation 1 Favorites

5 Old School Playstation 1 Favorites

PlayStation 1 was released in the market in 1996. Although there are other PlayStation versions that are available in the past, there are numerous games that have made an impact and gained acclaim in PlayStation 1 and continue to be used by today’s gamers. These games will remain the most-loved games or classics for the majority of gamers everywhere. Here are a few of my son’s most-loved PlayStation1 games, which never became old for him.

1. Metal Gear Solid

The action game with epic scales has been in the game for more than two years and continues to bring chills down the spine of gamers! Metal Gear Solid is all about stealth. Why bother fighting guards or enemies when you could quickly get around them in their shadows, scurry along walls, hide from the view of surveillance cameras, and conceal behind boxes? In this game, the players have learned an important lesson: living with the gun is dying by the gun.

2. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is considered one of the top RPGs, and at the same time, it is one of the top Japanese RPGs of the past. It has struck an exquisite balance of both old and modern and has juggled fan service with pure pleasure from role-playing. The characters have been created into an engaging and emotionally powerful prequel that gamers have been able to connect with the characters, old and new, regardless of how complicated, wicked, or troubled they might be.

3. Legend of the Dragoon

Another RPG that focuses heavily on defense and was released by Sony following Final Fantasy VII hit the streets, Legend of the Dragoon tried to steer clear of magic altogether. Instead, it was based on characters gaining strength for more powerful attacks and then eventually being able to change into Dragoons. This is the only way to become a Dragoon that you are able to use magic.

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4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater takes a more arcade-like approach to skate, with the goal of collecting videotapes (just as Mario gathers starlets). The game features professional skaters from real life with slightly different techniques that each skater is able to have their own unique technique as well. It’s one of the games that keep you playing even after you’ve learned it.

5. Tekken

Also known as the classic PlayStation fighting game, Tekken is an upcoming brawler. Although there have been many versions of the game before, Tekken is still considered an outstanding game on its own, and all will agree that even if the backgrounds appear bland and dull, the gameplay and controls are smooth, and the characters appear decent in a simple way. Overall it’s a great game and should be considered an excellent game.

Well, as my son always say, “Old games never die. They never fade away.” Great job to all that still have the original working Sony PlayStation. Do you still own one that is a “working” model?

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