Counting Down the Top Ten Video Games Ever Made – EVER!

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Counting Down the Top Ten Video Games Ever Made - EVER!

Counting Down the Top Ten Video Games Ever Made - EVER!

Before I go on into the details, I’ll start by saying that I’ve played lots of games on video. Between Super Nintendo and Game boy to Xbox 360 and PC, I’ve certainly been around this block several times playing with my thumbs. But, I haven’t played many video games. This might seem to contradict my previous statement; however, let’s face it that not everyone has played every game. Even the most prominent name websites struggle to rank games since the “rankers” could be biased towards a specific game they played in comparison to the game that someone else has said is genuinely excellent. Thus, I’d like to name this article “Top Ten Video Games Ever Created (among the games I’ve had the pleasure of playing).”

For those who don’t want any more glitter, Here’s the complete following list:

10. Kingdom Hearts, (2002 PS2)

Kingdom Hearts was an extremely distinctive game because it included traditional role-playing elements (save the world save the girl, spiked hair, level-up) and fantastic action-packed battles, and also reminiscent Disney characters, stories, and plots. It was fun to play several times and opened the way for another (less effective) sequel. The battles were constructed right into the world of (no need to change to a different screen in order to join the battle arena) and utilized strategies along with the classic hack and slash techniques. Furthermore, the spectacle of watching Donald Duck and Goofy demolish hearts after hearts will forever hold Kingdom Hearts a special place in my heart.

9. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, (1992 SNES)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is, without doubt, the first game I truly fell in love with. The vast range that the game offered was impressive for 1992. The smoothness with the way that everything in the universe of Zelda performed was unimaginable. The action was both intense and, sometimes, tough to play. The sound and the color were excellent. This was undoubtedly one of those games that had my heart racing more quickly than “beep beep,” which indicated that my health was too low.

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8. Metal Gear Solid, (1998 PS1)

Metal Gear Solid combined excellent graphics, intense action, a unique storyline, and an absolute badass that we enjoyed playing together into a stunning package. This was an action-oriented game that was intense to the core, but when we played some of the cuts, we couldn’t be able to resist the feeling that we were in a film or absorbed in the world of a square RPG. Metal Gear Solid set the stage for three sequels, each one arguably more successful than the previous.

7. Suikoden (1996, PS1)

I bought Suikoden around eight years ago, in the bargain bin of My local Gamestop. I’d not ever heard of the game, but since it was cheap, I thought I’d test it out. Within an hour, I was addicted. The art style was fascinating and original, and the story very interesting. One of the aspects that genuinely ties Suikoden to my top games is the element of managing an army. In many RPG games, it is possible to move around with three characters and change between different characters. In Suikoden, the player travels with six characters, with the possibility of switching between more than 100 characters! Also, you have the castle as you’re “home base.” This uniqueness sets Suikoden ahead of other RPGs.

6. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, (1998 N64)

Its Ocarina of Time took the elements that created A Link to the Past such a success, such as an enormous, flowing world and the most immersive storyline, and put them in the world of 3D. With stunning visuals and audio as well as an actual day and night clock and a game with a unique experience, Ocarina of Time is an experience that shouldn’t be left out.

5. Super Smash Brothers, (1999 N64)

Super Smash Brothers are, without any doubt, the most multiplayer game I’ve played. Never before in a fighting game did you have the chance to play Pikachu against Link as well as Fox to Mario. This game was extremely smooth, and the characters were very well balanced. Although it wasn’t the best for a single players game, four players in the smash-fests provided a lot of entertainment and laughter.

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4. Pokemon Red and Blue, (1998 Game Boy)

Pokemon was undoubtedly the first game I wanted to be entirely non-fiction. The concept of catching and raising animals to fight against you was original and very effective. Even the case that Pokemon was an online game, the game was a huge success. The additional benefit of taking it wherever you go was incredible. The narrative was terrific, as was the replay quality unparalleled.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, (2004 PS2)

After the release of Grand Theft Auto 4 in 2008, everyone was able to take San Andreas off the GTA seat and change it to the new version. But, I believe the fact that San Andreas is the best of the series. The story was thrilling as well as awe-inspiring for a game that revolves around the concept of doing something wrong. Morality and values were brought into play, and I was utterly absorbed over the course of 10 days and for 35 hours in my time. When it first came out, the scale and scope of San Andreas were completely astounding and unprecedented. The music filled the game with a great soundtrack. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was an experience that should not be missed.

2. Starcraft (1998 PC)

Without a doubt, I have put in at least five times as many hours in Starcraft as I did in every other video game. While the single-player missions were enjoyable, Starcraft was absolutely about the multiplayer. Never before had a game ever inspired me to beat an opponent so much. The incredible replay value, both in quantity and quality and quantity, creates Starcraft legendary. It’s a game that is which is so addictive that the time I spent playing it was constrained by my mom to ensure my mental health. This is how amazing of a game is.

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Now you can play the most excellent game ever made (according to me ), many don’t believe it) is the best of the series’ long history )…

1. Final Fantasy VII (1997 PS1)

Although it faced some rivalries to be the top game on this list alongside Starcraft, Final Fantasy VII definitely ranks as the best game ever created. The graphics were breathtaking for the time. Each time I revisit the game, I think to myself, “wow, the PlayStation could do this?” The music and sound were captivating; there were parts of the music I could listen to for hours and hours. The scope in the game is impressive and encompasses a vast world and perhaps 50 hours of the storyline. The mini-games were enjoyable and well-hidden within.

One of the primary reasons to play the game, but it’s a fantastic story. The plot was totally distinct, going beyond “saving from the girl” or “saving this world.” It was not just the style of cinema and pacing, but it beat it.

These characteristics give Final Fantasy VII the GREATEST game ever made!

There are other games worth considering which didn’t quite make the top ten of games:

Gears of War (2006 X360)A fascinating story with incredible shooting action.
Metal Warriors (1995 SNES)- Superb multiplayer action in a quirky, 2d package.
Perfect Dark (2000 N64)Cool single player and a stunningly distinctive multiplayer.
Final Fantasy X (2001 PS2) is Incredible graphically as well as a compelling story.
Gran Turismo 3 (2001 PS2)Realism that is superior with elegant looking cars and improvements.
Super Mario World (1991 SNES) was a classic game that defined the concept of platforming and provided a lot of fun.



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