Top Tips For Fixing Scratched Playstation CDs

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Top Tips For Fixing Scratched Playstation CDs

Top Tips For Fixing Scratched Playstation CDs

There is nothing more frustrating than feeling the desire to do the snot out of GTA or Soul Calibur (or other PS games) and finding that the game won’t play because of some bizarre reason. I’ve heard many suggestions to fix this issue, and I’ll be honest with you now that the majority of them aren’t working. For example, hitting the PlayStation is among the “won’t work” alternatives.

So what do you do? Do these things, and you’ll be up and running within a matter of minutes (unless your issue is more severe, and even then, it is possible to find solutions).

Resolving scratches on PlayStation CDs Is the issue an issue with scratching?

Begin with the simplest and most straightforward issues. Sometimes we fix scratched PlayStation CDs but don’t realize that the issue might not be caused by a scratch. It could be something as simple as dust oil, dust, or other “stuff” that can be the sole issue that is hindering you from enjoying your sport. Warm water is poured over the disc in order to get rid of any dust (this will eliminate the majority of it).
Sometimes, dust or “stuff” gets stuck pretty well, and hot water can’t remove it by itself. Rub the CD gently using your fingers while you wash it with water. It is essential to remember not to apply pressure to the PlayStation CD in a circular motion! Start at the edge, and continue to rub inwards until you reach the center, and then repeat. If your finger doesn’t do the job, try a gentle liquid soap, or rub alcohol.
Do not clean your PlayStation CD when you are done! Allow it to air dry.

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Repairing scratched PlayStation CDs The issue is scratch.

Before we discuss polishing, it is essential to examine the PlayStation CD and see which side the scratch is located on. Sometimes the side that covers the disc (top) has been scratched. This means that the optical detect the disc without actually reading it. If this is the case, then color the scratch (on the top) using an eraser in black, and it usually works.
Inevitable scratches are more straightforward to repair than others. Minor scratches can be repaired quite easily by polishing the plastic coating surrounding it in order to create a scratch that is less pronounced (or not even visible). Of course, the issue is enough of them; you’ll end up with nothing but a scratch on the PlayStation CD. The more severe scratches are harder to repair but are still doable.
If you’ve chosen to polish the surface of your PlayStation CD a little in order to make it more functional, then all you require is a bit of toothpaste (preferably with Baking Soda) or Brasso. Make sure you have a soft cloth that is lint-free (some T-shirts work well) and one or two cleaning cloths for eyeglasses (wearing glasses is sometimes a good idea). Put some warm water on the outside of the PlayStation CD and a small amount of toothpaste or Brasso. Remember, don’t apply circular pressure! Rub from the inside to the outside edges (or in reverse) and then try to adhere to the region that has been scratched. “If it’s not broken, do not repair it.” Try this 10 to 15 times as gently as you can. It’s not a lot of pressure for scratching PlayStation CDs. You should notice the cloth scratching instantly. You may need to apply some toothpaste on the cloth every now and then time (but not often! ).
If you have used Brasso, then you need to apply a soft, clean cloth to clean off the excess and allow it to dry in the air. After drying, you need to take it back to the surface for a second time. If you’ve used toothpaste, you need to run the disc through warm water. Then allow the disc to air dry before you play it.
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